Episode 2 How to Run a Successful Restaurant: Choose Quality Ingredients

In this episode of I Made This, Scarr talks about his love of sourcing and working with quality organic ingredients to make his restaurant profitable.
Apr 18, 2024 — 2 min read



Scarr Pimentel is the owner of Scarr's Pizza in Manhattan, New York City.

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I Made This

I Made This

Scarr Pimentel is the owner of Scarr’s Pizza, ranked as one of the best slices in NYC. With a focus on community and organic ingredients, his slice was declared the best in the city by Bon Appetit. In this series, he shares how he made his business.

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Scarr Pimentel: Oh, cheese is great, but **  making it, I forgot to mix. Everyone thinks pizza by the slice is meant to be bad, cheaper. The reality, it's not meant to be bad. If it's done well with proper ingredients and proper processes, you have a nutritious meal.

I want her to do something different, something that could leave an impact. People don't understand. What's your meal flour? It's like a time clock and all the minerals, and they all start dissipating like any food item sounds like. All right. I'm going to take it a step further and just start milling my own thing so we can retain all the nutrients and vitamins and minerals. The fermentation process is always important because it helps with the breakdown of the enzymes. It makes it easier to digest. If it's under fermented it causes you to feel floated and feel gassy. You want to take a nap within 30 minutes of eating that pizza.

People think fresh mozzarella is better than age mozzarella. When reality age is better, go back to the reason with flour. It's the same thing with cheese. Fresh cheese isn't good for you. It's not meant to be digested. Aged mozzarella broken down already. The enzymes already at work, so I've done all that research in the brand I'm using now. The best all natural cheese that I can get my hands on. Pizza cheese, at least. 

We get our tomatoes from Bianca di Napoli. They're organic. I'm a firm believer in eating organic. I fell in love with it the moment they opened the can. I tried it out. I was just like, wow. It's just like knocked my socks out. This actually tastes like a real tomato. It's amazing. It was double the price of it. I was like, you know what? Let's go. I'm going to order this shit. Let's do it. The guy was like, you sure want. He was like, what are you using this for? I was like, for pizza. He was like, by the slice. I was like, yeah, and he goes, are you sure about that? I was like, the price of these cans. I was like, yeah, I want it. He was like, all right, cool. And we ordered it. That was it. That was end of story. 

I don't charge the prices I should be charging for what I'm selling. I still try to keep it low for what I'm using and my friends think I'm crazy that I'm only charging what I'm charging. But the point of a slice up is grab and go affordable. You get two slices when a drink and it's under 10 bucks and you have a nutritious meal and walk out.

When we opened in this neighborhood, there was no foot traffic down here. People thought it was crazy. Then it opened up down here, but one of the best pieces of advice I got from one of my mentors, he said, you could open up in the worst neighborhood of New York City, but if your food is amazing, people will show up.

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