This S.F. Restaurant Used Square To Start a Wine Club, Sell Online, and More

Yo También Cantina, founded by Kenzie Benesh and Isa Bertorelli, has grown into more than a restaurant with the help of Square.
Apr 18, 2024 — 1 min read


The way in which we cook is particular, because we have a restaurant but we're not trained chefs.

So, a lot of our recipes come from family recipes. The hot sauce actually came first… we started making arepas as a popup, and you could buy the hot and eat it at home.

First we had the popup… and then we had the restaurant – We just took advantage of the platform that already existed with Square. It's where people can go to shop our products or order their food.

We released merch, like we have a new shirt coming out; we’ll put that on the online store.

People want to come to one spot and be like, "I could order wine, beer, chili oil, cloud socks." I think having a pre-order tool has helped us gain a lot of customers. We'd trying to replicate the experience of being “in Cantina,” at home. So the subscription service has helped us create a wine club.

Each month, they get two bottles of wine. They get the recipe cards.They get some music to go along with that. And that's a way to all connect together. We've definitely saved time and done things to our advantage, with even having the app on Kenzie's phone. We know how many rice bowls we can make in a day.

We can update our inventory while going on an adventure. Like we don't have to be in this space to work on certain things. I think a lot of the Square tools provide us more time to focus on other projects that are related to the Cantina. That also allows us to be a bit more creative with the other parts of the business.

We have so many ideas. We're never running out of ideas. We want to do it all.


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Square Online

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Square Register

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