Square Loyalty keeps more customers coming back.

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Boost sales with our fully integrated digital rewards program.

Customers enrolled in Square Loyalty spend 37% more after they join.

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Create a customized loyalty program that fits your business.

Digital punch cards

Keep it simple and run a traditional loyalty program where customers receive points from purchases to earn their loyalty reward.

Tiered rewards

Get advanced and offer reward levels, allowing customers to bank their points to earn tiers or higher-value loyalty rewards.

It’s as easy as enroll, engage, reward.

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Enroll at checkout

Customers sign up with the loyalty software at checkout by entering their phone number.

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Engage as they go

Customers get a text message when they earn points or rewards, automatically keeping them up to date and your business top of mind.

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Reward at your POS

Automatically reward customers through the point of sale. Just enter the customer’s phone number to see their total points and ring up any loyalty program rewards earned at checkout.

Know your customers and grow your business.

Treat more customers like regulars.

Every time customers return, the customer loyalty program software shows their order history so you know exactly what they want.

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Track sales and see loyalty program results in one place.

Your Square Dashboard tracks loyalty program performance. Just sign in to monitor customer enrollment, compare rewards issued against those redeemed, and more.

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Customers who enroll in a Square Loyalty program are twice as likely to be repeat customers.

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“It’s great having a loyalty program integrated with our register—it’s easy for customers to sign up and understand, and easy for our employees too.”

Diana Lui, Creative Director at Asha Tea


You should only pay for a loyalty program when it’s working for you and your customers. With Square Loyalty, the monthly cost adjusts based on each location’s total Loyalty visits per month. See pricing details >

0–500 Loyalty Visits

Per month

501–1,500 Loyalty Visits

Per month

1,501–10,000 Loyalty Visits

Per month

Less than 1% of merchant locations using Square Loyalty have over 10,000 Loyalty visits per month. Want to see a demo of Square Loyalty?
Contact Sales >.

Start increasing sales by bringing customers back.

Try Square Loyalty free for 30 days and see how loyalty rewards work for your customers and your business.

Do you have many locations?

Our Sales team can help you simplify your operations and set you up with the right solution to meet your business needs.