Square Appointments

A flexible solution for all your booking and payment needs.

Free for individuals. Affordable for teams.

Square Appointments

Powerful appointment scheduling software.

Free customer booking website

All your services are instantly bookable by customers on your free online booking website or booking links on Google and Instagram.

Integrated payments

Get paid however and whenever. Collect payment at checkout, require prepayment when customers book, or send detailed professional invoices.

Automated text and email reminders

Send automated reminders of upcoming appointments and change notifications via email or text.

No-show protection

Protect your time and your business by requiring a full prepayment, or charge a cancellation fee to reduce no-shows.

A scheduling app that’s easy for you, and your customers.

Customers can book 24/7. You can accept or decline from anywhere and keep track of multiple staff or locations all in one account.

Rated 4.9 in the App Store

Grow and retain your business.

Let customers book online

Your online booking site makes scheduling easier for your customers, day or night. It’s free for you, with little setup required. Add your logo, share with clients, and you’re done.

Keep control of your calendar

The website automatically displays your services and availability. You can accept or decline appointments and block out personal time.

Integrate Instagram and Google

Let customers instantly book an appointment without ever leaving the Instagram app or, with a few clicks, find your business and book an appointment right from Google—at no additional cost.

Be there for your clients, 24/7

Reduce no-shows with automatic responses to customers any time of day. Square Assistant is a digital messenger that saves you time by handling confirmations and rescheduling.

Feel secure with our best-in-class payments.

Accept every payment
Accept every kind of payment quickly, right in the app. You can also get paid over the phone by keying in payments.

Get your funds fast (or instantly)
Get funds as fast as the next business day, in seconds for an extra 1% per deposit, or as soon as you make a sale with a free business debit card.
Learn about Square Card >

Save cards on file
Clients can add and manage cards through their customer account, making it easier for them to book and for you to get paid.

Our powerful point of sale is built right in.

Checkout is easy (and fast)
Accept card payments directly from an appointment—even without a connection, in offline mode.

Sell products? No problem.
Sell items and services directly from an appointment, too. Track inventory in real time and get email alerts when items run low.

Advanced reporting
View real-time sales reports by item, tender type, discounts, and more. Compare sales by hour, week, and year.

Customer receipts
Send receipts via email or text message, or print them out. Collect customer feedback from digital receipts.

As you grow, we grow with you.

Employee and location management

You can adjust schedules, give employees different levels of access, and manage every location from one account.

Individual employee calendars

Employees can view their schedule on any synced device. Appointment confirmations are sent to them directly.

Track all the schedules

View all your employees’ schedules together so you can see who’s available and who’s swamped at a glance.


30-day free trial for plans with multiple employees.



2.6% +10¢

Per tap, dip, or swipe

2-5 Employees


Per month

2.5% + 10¢

Per tap, dip, or swipe

6-10 Employees


Per month

2.5% + 10¢

Per tap, dip, or swipe

Have more than 10 employees? Contact Sales >

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Start booking appointments.

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  • How can I get started with Square Appointments?

    Square Appointments is a simple yet powerful appointment scheduling tool that helps you run and grow your business. Spend less time organizing your schedule by managing your calendar, client appointments, and new requests all in your Appointments dashboard.

    Visit Settings to manage your booking preferences, calendar settings, and client communications, plus set a custom cancellation policy to eliminate no-shows.

    Visit Locations to manage your public profile, business hours, and time zone.

    Visit Services to customize the duration, cost, and time between appointments.

    Visit Staff to create staff member profiles, enable staff notifications, set hours and locations, and create custom staff logins. To alter staff permissions, such as calendar and point-of-sale access, you’ll want to view their employee profile.

    Visit Online Booking to invite new and existing clients to book appointments directly from your booking site or create custom booking widgets to add to your existing website.

    Visit Overview to view your pending and upcoming appointments and accept ones that work for you.

    Visit Calendar to keep your business and staff organized.

    Visit Clients to enter and then view clients’ contact information, history, and appointment notes.

  • How can I create and manage staff?

    To create staff for booking, go to your Appointments dashboard.

    1. Click Staff > Add Employee.
    2. Choose to either Create New Employee or select an existing employee if you’ve already created their profile.
    3. Select a role. You can also create a new role from the Employees tab on your Dashboard.
    4. Adjust your staff’s level of access and click Save.

    Note: If you are currently using Appointments for Individuals, there’s a monthly charge for utilizing staff management.

  • How do I set up a cancellation policy?

    To enable a cancellation policy from your online Appointments dashboard:

    1. Visit the Settings tab of your Appointments dashboard > select Calendar & Booking.
    2. Scroll to cut-off time for allowing clients to cancel or reschedule > set cutoff time.
    3. Click Save.

    Once the cut-off time has been defined, you can set up No-Show Protection:

    1. Select the Payments & Cancellations section of the Settings tab.
    2. Click Booking with No-Show Protection.
    3. Select whether you’d like to charge a flat fee per appointment, or choose to charge an individual fee for each service.
    4. Click Save.

    To enable a cancellation policy from the Square Appointments app:

    1. Tap Settings > Online Booking.
    2. Tap Hold Card for No-Show Protection.

    If you enable No-Show Protection from the Square Appointments app before setting a cancellation policy using the steps above, the following default settings will be applied:

    Cut-off Time: 24 hours prior to the start of the appointment.

    Cancellation Fee: 50% of the total service price for services created in-app, $0 for services created online. To update, head to your Services tab.

    Once No-Show Protection has been set up for online bookings, you can also enable the setting for appointments booked from your online Square Appointments dashboard by saving your client’s card on file.

    After you’ve set up your cancellation policy and clients book with you, Square will attempt to verify their payment card with a $0–$1 charge. If the authorization is successful, we will immediately void the charge. Your customer will not be charged unless they cancel outside of your specified cut-off time and you choose to enforce your cancellation policy. Your cancellation fees will be recorded in your payment history and should be deposited to your linked bank account per your deposit schedule.

    You can also cancel an open appointment and charge your customer the cancellation fee from the Appointments app. To do so, open the app, tap the appointment from your calendar, and follow the prompts to cancel the appointment and charge the fee.

  • How can I customize my client notifications?

    Customize your client communication from your Appointments dashboard:

    1. Log in to your Appointments dashboard.
    2. Click Settings > Communications.
    3. Edit the language of automated messaging, leave the default settings, or disable reminders.

    Note: You’re only able to customize the messaging for email notifications at this time, not SMS. To read additional FAQs, click here. To contact our Support team, click here.

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