Set Up Online Booking with Square Appointments

Square’s online scheduling software and tools provide a variety of ways for your clients to book with you.

  • Your Booking Site is a free website your clients can access if you don’t have one of your own.
  • You can also embed a booking widget or button on your existing website, or add a booking button to your email so clients can easily request appointments based on your availability.

Staff and services visible for online booking can be managed from the Staff or Services sections of your online Appointments dashboard, or you can override these settings with advanced widget options.

Your Booking Site URL

Share the URL provided in the Online Booking tab of your Appointments dashboard or invite your clients via email and social media to give them immediate access to your booking site. If you’re managing multiple locations, each location will have a unique booking URL and set up page that can be viewed by switching locations from the Online Booking tab.

Online Booking Location Selector

The business information reflected in your online booking site can be edited from the Locations section of your online Square Dashboard. Settings for staff and appointments services can be edited from your dashboard.

Customized Booking Site URL

Although you’re not able to customize your online booking site URL with Square Appointments, several third parties offer this service. Here are a few popular companies to help you get started:

Create a Booking Button

Add a booking button to your website or your email signature. The button will take your clients to your Booking Site.

  1. Log in to your Square Appointments dashboard > Click Online Booking.
  2. If managing multiple locations, select a location from the dropdown menu on the top left.
  3. Customize your button or leave it blank to show the blue default “Book an Appointment” text.
  4. To add the button to your website: Add the HTML to the code for your page or use your website builder’s tool for adding HTML code.

    To add the button to an email signature: Either add the code to your email signature or right click the button preview, copy it, and paste it into your signature. Choose the one that works best for your email client.
    Right click on your button preview to Copy Link Address and then paste the link into your site editor.

Booking Website Embed

Add the ability for your clients to book directly from your website using the booking widget.

  1. Visit the Online Booking tab of your Appointments dashboard > click Website Embed.
  2. Copy the block of code provided.
  3. Within your Content Management System (CMS), you’ll be able to paste this block of code, preview, and publish.

The booking widget will automatically resize to fit the space you add it to.

Steps for embedding the widget in your website will vary depending on your Content Management System (CMS), so we recommend visiting your provider’s Support Center for detailed instructions. Below you’ll find resources on how to embed a widget, or HTML code block, with some commonly used CMS tools:

Advanced Options

You can create a widget that only shows specific services, specific staff, or a combination of both using the Website Embed Advanced Options.

  1. Click Create Advanced Widget and then click Create New Widget.
  2. Choose a name for the widget or leave the default name.
  3. Customize the staff and services to include and click Save.Advanced website widget options for your booking flow.
  4. To edit or delete a widget, click Edit.

Note: If you choose a staff member who doesn’t have the selected service assigned to them, that service will not appear in the widget.

Edits made to the widget will automatically update anywhere that widget is installed. Deleting a widget from your dashboard will not automatically delete embedded widgets on other websites. If the deleted widget code is not removed from a website, an error message will display in place of the widget.

Once you have successfully setup your online booking, you can invite clients to book online.

Read how to disable your Square Appointments online booking site.

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