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Create and share Square Payment Links

Who is this article for?
Sellers and team members with payment link permissions. Set permissions in Square Dashboard

About payment links

Square Payment Links enable customers to purchase anything you want to sell online without creating an E-commerce website. You can create payment links to take a payment, sell an item, sell an event or class, or accept a donation.

You can send your customers a payment link through an email, or let them purchase at their convenience by posting the link on social media or your blog. You can also offer a touch-free checkout experience through your Square Point of Sale. When you send a payment link from your Point of Sale, your customer will get a unique link on their phone they can use to pay without needing to enter PINs or install special apps.

Before you begin

  • Square Payment Links are only available for domestic sales. 

  • Square Payment Links must be active to be used. If you’ve previously shared a link with your customers, they'll be unable to complete a transaction with the link if you deactivate or delete it.

If you’d like to sell online internationally or create a fully customizable E-commerce website, take a look at Square Online.

Create a payment link

Get started with payment links by creating them in your Square Dashboard or the Square Point of Sale app. To customize your payment links, check out how to LINK. If using a payment link to collect donations, learn how to Set up donation goals with payment links.

Square Dashboard

  1. From your Square Dashboard, go to Payment Links, then click Create link.
  2. Under Choose purpose, select either Take a payment, Sell an item, Sell an event or class, or Accept a donation.
  3. Enter a name for your link to be displayed to your customer. If you’re selling an item, select the item from your Item library, or create a new one.
  4. Enter in the amount you want to charge, or allow the customer to set the price.
  5. Choose a Frequency if prompted to accept recurring payments.
  6. Add an optional description. The description for each payment link has a 400 character limit. Note: When creating a new link for a new product in your item library, you can add a brand new description. This description will sync back to your item library for future use. For an existing item in your library, you can use your pre-existing description or create a new description to overwrite the previous one. Managing descriptions is currently only available in the Square Dashboard.
  7. Customize the checkout screen: add custom fields or enable tipping.
  8. Customize the confirmation screen: enable redirect to a website of your choice after checkout.
  9. Select Save.
  10. Select Copy link to share the link anywhere.

Square Point of Sale

  1. Tap ≡ More and select Payment Links. Note: If Payment Links does not appear in More, add it to your Point of Sale app by tapping ≡ More > Add-ons > Payment Links > Add to Point of Sale.
  2. Tap Create Link in the Payment Links section.
  3. If prompted, enter the name, amount, and description for your link and choose the applicable options.
  4. Tap Share link to share it with your customers.
  5. Optional: Tap Make into reusable link to convert your payment link into a reusable payment Link.
  6. Have your customer scan the QR code with their phone, or share the link through text, email, or social media. On Square Terminal and Square Register, you can choose Send Link via Text or Show QR Code.

Share a payment link

Square Dashboard

  1. From your Square Dashboard, go to Payment Links.
  2. Under the payment link you want to share, click Share and choose your share option.

Square Point of Sale

  1. From your Square Point of Sale, go to More > Payment Links.
  2. Tap the payment link you want to share, then tap Share and choose your share option.

Share options include

  • Copying the link
  • Sharing via text
  • Creating a QR code

Note: You can also send payment links from the checkout screen of your Square Point of Sale by selecting Charge and tapping the Send Payment Link option. This will create a touch-free checkout experience so you don’t have to manage cash or cards.

Virtual Terminal

You can send payment links directly to your customers via text message using Square Virtual Terminal from your computer. You can collect contactless payments from customers in real-time when they aren’t physically with you. To do so:

  1. From the Virtual Terminal Overview page, select Take a Payment.
  2. Add the items and the customer.
  3. From the Payment Method section of Payment Details, select Send Payment Link.
  4. Select your customer’s country code.
  5. Enter the customer’s phone number and click Send Link.
  6. Wait for confirmation that the customer completed the payment.

Your customer will receive a text message with a payment link. The link will take your customers directly to an online checkout page to pay on their mobile devices, where they can pay with a supported debit or credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or Afterpay.

Note: Selecting the back button while a payment is pending will cancel the payment link. You must wait until you receive the payment before closing the window.

Deactivate a payment link

You can deactivate and delete a payment link at any time.

Square Dashboard

  1. From your Square Dashboard, go to Payment Links.
  2. Select the payment link you want to deactivate or delete.
  3. Click Deactivate or Delete.

Square Point of Sale

  1. From your Square Point of Sale, go to More > Payment Links.
  2. Select the payment link you want to deactivate or delete.
  3. Tap Actions > Deactivate or Delete.

Payment links reporting

You can easily track the amount of sales generated from each Square Payment Link. This allows you to track how links are performing. To view the amount of sales per payment link, in your online Square Dashboard, review the sales per link in the Total Sales column.

You can also view all of your sales in your online Square Dashboard in Reports when you filter by Source > Payment Links.

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