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Grow your customers’ business—grow your business.

Square works with many types of partners.

Connect with Square and gain access to millions of Square sellers. We are committed to giving sellers choice and offering them the best tools, even if they’re not made by Square. We support a diverse ecosystem of partners and developers.

Platform Partners

Grab your spot in our App Marketplace. Share your offering, and its Square integration, with millions of sellers. Our open platform enables independent software vendors (ISVs) to build unique products to help sellers run and grow their businesses even faster.


Solution Partners

Integrate with Square’s best-in-class hardware and software via APIs and pre built integrations with popular eCommerce platforms, ERPs, and other business solutions. We work with agencies, consultants, and resellers to help them win new business, generate revenue from referrals, and deliver powerful omnichannel commerce solutions that cater to clients’ unique needs.


Hardware Partners

Become a hardware partner to let Square sellers know they can trust your hardware to build memorable in-person experiences using Square Reader and Reader SDK. Retail, restaurant, and other sellers are just beginning to create bespoke POS and checkout experiences that need certified hardware solutions. Square hardware partners get product update information and support building their solutions before anybody else.


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