Solve it with your solution.

Grow your business by specializing in our products and working one-on-one with Square sellers to design and implement all sorts of bespoke experiences. From eCommerce partners to systems integrators, Square solutions partners receive platform access and exclusive benefits.

Get hired to help sellers with custom projects.

Solutions partners are eligible to get listed in our specialist directory, where sellers hire experts to help build custom integrations, eCommerce experiences, marketing and SEO, and so much more.

Here’s what you’ll have access to:

You may be eligible for:

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  • I am interested in joining the solutions partner program at Square. What is the process?

    We’re excited about your interest in the solutions partner program. To apply to become a partner, fill out this form. The Square team will review the application and provide solutions partner eligibility status via email within a couple business days.

  • How long does it take to become a solutions partner at Square?

    Applications are typically reviewed on a weekly basis. We may reach out to schedule a follow-up call to discuss whether your solution is a good fit for the program.

  • What does it take to become a successful solutions partner?

    To be a successful solutions partner, we recommend having a demonstrable proficiency of Square products through successful implementations, positive seller feedback, and a steady volume of lead referrals. We also recommend being consistently responsive when we reach out with questions or opportunities.

  • What is a Square specialist?

    Square specialists are experienced designers, marketers, and developers who have joined our solutions partner program and become certified by Square to work with sellers to provide solutions that help them grow their businesses.

    Solutions partners are eligible to become Square specialists and get listed in our directory.

    Learn more about Square Specialists ->

  • How do I become Square Certified, and what does that entail?

    Once a partner signs an agreement, we’ll hold a kickoff call to discuss the criteria and requirements on how to pass certification, and we’ll provide a case study for review. Provided that the partner passes, they’ll become classified as “Square Certified.” We’ll then host a final onboarding call to go over the various partner tools and grant the partner access. Once these steps are completed, approved partners can start taking on projects for Square sellers through our Square specialists program.

  • How can I earn revenue by being a solutions partner?

    Solutions partners can earn a percentage of the adjusted revenue for payment processing when they implement Square through point-of-sale and eCommerce APIs. These earnings are capped at 24 months.

    For partners who refer to and build on Square Online, we have perpetual revenue share on our Square Online paid plans, as well as product bonuses on complementary products. The bonuses are attributed to point-of-sale implementations, on-demand delivery, and the number of partner referrals in a 12-month period. In order to be eligible, the seller must create their new Square account up to 30 days before or up to 60 days after the partner referral date.

  • What solutions are Square sellers looking for? What type of projects do solutions partners take on for Square sellers?

    Sellers are looking for partners to help them implement Square, whether by using our products, such as Square Online, or by making Square work for them in ways that are not readily available off the shelf. Examples include:

    • Website builds or redesigns
    • Marketing and SEO services
    • Custom integrations
    • Custom app development
    • Accounting and business operations
  • Where can I stay informed about the Square partner programs?

    Subscribe to our email list to receive the latest news and announcements across the Square partnerships community. In the field above, simply opt for “Partner program news.”