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Tools designed to fit your schedule.


Simplify your day with our web-based appointment scheduling software and app.

Free online booking website

Make your services instantly bookable on a free booking website, Instagram, Facebook, and Google.

Automated email and text reminders

Send automatic appointment reminders to customers via SMS and/or email.

Google Calendar sync

Sync with your Google Calendar to automatically block personal events and avoid double bookings.

Cancellation policy and no-show fees

Create an enforceable fee policy for last-minute cancellations and no-shows.

Resource booking

Create resources—like rooms, stations, or chairs—and assign them to services that require them so they get booked when clients make their appointments.

Website integration

Let customers book directly from your website by adding the booking widget, compatible with sites powered by Squarespace, Wix, Wordpress, and more.

Square Assistant

Square Assistant is a smart, automated messaging tool that replies to your clients on your behalf to confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments, 24/7.

Multiple locations and multiple time zones

Sync your schedules across multiple business locations, even if your customers are in different time zones.

Point of Sale

Take secure payments with no hidden fees through the Square Appointments POS system.

Contactless payments

Accept any kind of payment, including contactless and chip. All your sales are integrated in your POS.

Card on File

Keep a card on file to hold appointments, require prepayment for services, or charge cancellation fees.

Professional invoices

Send professional estimates and invoices with automatic customer reminders. Track those payments in real time.

Next-business-day, same-day, and instant transfers

Next-business-day transfers are free. Access your money the same day or instantly with just a 1.5% fee per transfer.

Plastic gift cards and eGift cards

Introduce your business to new customers through customizable plastic gift cards. Get eGift cards free to make shopping easy for your customers.

Data security (PCI) compliance

Square complies with all required PCI standards. The information that your customers submit is encrypted to our servers.

Key in payments

Key in credit and debit cards directly from an appointment using your phone or computer.


Offer discounts for special events or special customers.

Customer Relationships

Make connections that go beyond business as usual.

Customer profiles and notes

Build relationships with customers by keeping profiles on file. Never forget a birthday or a customer’s special preference thanks to easy-to-add notes.

Import existing customers

If you have customers in another database already, easily import them into Square Appointments.

Appointment and sales history

See what services and products your customers have purchased before so you can make recommendations for them in the future.

Custom marketing campaigns

Square Marketing lets you send custom email marketing campaigns to engage your customers. Additional fee

Customer loyalty program

Square Loyalty allows you to create a loyalty program to keep customers coming back. Additional fee

Attach contracts, documents, or other files

Make sure the i’s are dotted with any contracts, waivers, documents, or other files that contain important info.

Staff Management

Empower your employees with team management tools.

Individual employee accounts

Allow your employees to log in to view and manage their calendars themselves.

Unlimited sets of permissions

Assign different sets of permissions to different roles in your store. Allow a manager to issue refunds, for example.

Team permission set

Control what your entire team sees and does with your POS to keep sensitive information safe.

Unlimited personal passcodes

Implement employee passcodes to ensure that everyone logs in to the POS securely.

Timecard reporting

Team members clock in and out at the POS so you can track their time through timecards.

Multiple wage rates

Pay different wage rates to staff members with different responsibilities or seniority.

Labor vs. sales reporting

Use labor vs. sales reports to optimize labor costs and adjust your scheduling.

Retail and Inventory

Sell products to complement your services.

Combined services and item checkout

Ring up a service and a product in the same transaction for easy checkout.

Square Online

Create a free, shoppable website in minutes with our intuitive website builder. Let customers shop entirely online or order online and pick up in store.

Stock as many items as you want. Then quickly pull a product up on your screen at checkout with an item search tool.

Bar code scanning

Ring up sales quickly when you scan bar codes with your iPad camera or bar code scanner.

Multilocation stock management

Transfer your stock across locations in real time. Tag changes with preselected reasons to track why recounts occurred.

Low-stock alerts

Set low-stock thresholds for any SKU, view what’s running low from your Dashboard, and receive email alerts.

Sales reports

Know how much inventory you’re moving and how much money you’re making in minutes. View reports and manage inventory right from your POS.

Instagram integration

Reach customers on social media and allow them to purchase right from your Instagram page.

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