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Get up and running with Square.

Whether you set it up by yourself or get help from one of our specialists, your new platform is right at your fingertips.

Want some help? Pick your plan.

Premium Service

Our most thorough setup assistance. Work one on one with a Square expert who will guide you through a smooth transition and assist with your specific business needs.

$1,399 USD [+ tax]

$1,700 CAD, £1,000 GBP, $1,399 AUD, €1,200 EU, ¥189,000 JPY [+ tax]

  • 30-minute kickoff call

  • 90-minute dashboard training

  • One-hour point-of-sale training and hardware installation support

  • One-hour Square Online training (optional)

  • Two hours of Q&A support call(s) (optional)

  • Five hours of task services

  • 24/7 Square support

Self-Onboarding Assistance

Perfect for quick assistance. Timed call to supplement self-onboarding, or use it as an add-on service to get new staff up to speed.

$159 USD [+ tax]

$199 CAD, £99 GBP, $159 AUD, €135 EU, ¥21,000 JPY [+ tax]

Need more out of your setup? Add additional assistance to your plan.

On-site Services

Get help from a local technician to set up your Square hardware and network, and provide technical support for your business.

$2,000 USD [+ tax]

$2,500 CAD, £1,500 GBP, $2,000 AUD, €1,700 EU, ¥270,000 JPY [+ tax]

  • Six hours = one day

  • Full hardware installation

  • Time may be leveraged for manager/staff training or go-live support

  • We support the following cities in the U.S.: Atlanta, Chicago, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Oakland, Phoenix, Scottsdale, San Francisco, St. Louis, New York City,

  • Internationally: Melbourne, AU; London, UK

  • We do our best to offer onsite services even outside of our range, however travel fees may apply.

Task Services

Let Square take care of specific setup tasks and save time in the process. All task services take 3-5 business days to complete.

$99 USD [+ tax]

$119 CAD, £79 GBP, $99 AUD, €85 EU, ¥13,000 JPY [+ tax]

  • Menu builds

  • Item builds

  • Third-party gift card imports

  • Loyalty transfers

  • Customer migration

  • Employee imports

  • Floorplan layouts

Appointment Migration & Training

Transition your current and future bookings from an existing software to Square Appointments with help from a pro.

$799 USD [+ tax]

$1,000 CAD, £658 GBP, $1,100 AUD, €785 EU, ¥109,000 JPY [+ tax]

  • Two-hour training and onboarding

  • Migration of past, current, and future appointments data

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