How the Largest Immersive Experiential Venue in Vegas Uses Square

AREA15 is a premiere immersive venue in Las Vegas, where art installations and virtual reality coalesce to create a one-of-a-kind experience. Hear how CTO Mark Stutzman found Square was the best path forward for delivering incredible guest experiences.
Apr 18, 2024 — 2 min read


Mark Stutzman: This is the only immersive experiential venue in the entire world. No one has ever done what we're doing here at AREA15. We're trying to create a new type of experience in Las Vegas. One, the visitor becomes more of a participant.

Since opening in September of 2020, we've had over two and a half million visitors come through the venue. We have attractions, restaurants, bars, retail. We also have a very robust event business, so we are every day supporting four or five, six types of businesses simultaneously. And all of those businesses are centrally managed from one dashboard.

When I started looking at systems to support the business, I had a few key things in mind that I was looking for. One was that it be Cloud managed. Two was an extensive set of APIs. Three was that I was able to really deploy POS systems incredibly quickly. Square as a platform is really integral to our incredibly complex business environment, and frankly, I think the benefits due to the flexibility of the system and the APIs available make it really a leader in the enterprise POS space.

Rob Kellner: The Beast was intended as a food hall where customers would walk up, order their food, go to a cashier and find themselves a table and sit down and eat. Because of Covid, we had to change to a more of a full service restaurant. Square's ability to communicate easily made it really easy With the KDS, the tablets, all based over wifi. Squares at the center of the operation without interrupting the guest experience.

Joe Perry: In Wild Muse Square for retail really lends my team to be able to confidently go into the dashboard and look at sales or look at other KPIs and really be able to adjust to the business and make decisions when they're the leader in the shop. It is a modern technology, so it bridges from an API standpoint with other platforms that we use to really dig out and get all the information that we need to really make sure that the business is continuing to move forward.

Mark Stutzman: We describe ourselves as a curator of amazing experiences as a company. Art is a part of our DNA, something that we think about constantly. How we can introduce the general public to amazing art in a very immersive and experiential way. I think everyone thinks of Square as the little white puck, but really Square has become a integral enterprise system in our technology stack, and it really enables us to provide a world-class experience for all of our visitors.

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