Episode 3 Nappily Naturals Keeps 2,000+ Products Organized With Square

Nappily Naturals' manager Alexis walks us through how the LA-based apothecary uses Square to keep their over 2,000 products organized. Automated tools, smart stock alerts, and insightful reports help them stay focused on what’s next.
Apr 18, 2024 — 1 min read

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How Retailers Scale with Square

How Retailers Scale with Square

Square sellers walk us through how they leverage Square to help modernize their operations and grow their business.

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Alexis: Square Tools really allows us to organize and structure our inventory. It has over 2000 items and being able to go in and add in the vendor, the SKU barcodes, the inventory count, the unit cost, so that I can price it accordingly. We use the Auto-Create feature whenever we have inventory that comes in that is already pretty much ready to go with a barcode and ask Skew. It easily allows us to scan the product. It predicts the information and easily allows us to put new items into inventory without having to go into the dashboard.

We like to use the Smart Stock Alerts because it's like an assistant to our inventory, and it allows us to have a reminder of what needs to be reordered so that we can restock efficiently. We like to partner with a lot of other small businesses that also have products similar to what we offer.

We love to use inventory sell-through reports because it allows us to take a look at what's selling and what's doing well, and we can keep our inventory fresh. It also allows us to gain insight on our customers to cater to their needs.

Square's intelligent tools has allowed our business to run efficiently and allows us to continue to look for our next big step.

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Square Retail POS

Square Retail POS

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Square Inventory Management

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