Episode 2 How Square Helps Market at Grelen Manage Inventory Flow

With seasonal products, multiple locations, and over 100 vendors, Market at Grelen relies on Square to organize their complex inventory. General Manager Hank Gregg walks us through how they use Square tools to manage vendors, count inventory, send purchase orders, and reward customers.
Apr 18, 2024 — 1 min read

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How Retailers Scale with Square

How Retailers Scale with Square

Square sellers walk us through how they leverage Square to help modernize their operations and grow their business.

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Hank Gregg: Square has saved us a ton of time in many different ways.

So at Grelen, we have inventory from over a hundred vendors. You can go right into Square and look at your vendor lists, see your contact in there, see the items that you've had in the past, and then make decisions from that. The inventory flip that we do during our off season every year is really key to be organized.

First, we do a big sale where we're getting rid of our old inventory at discounts. After that, we use the new inventory counting feature that the Square retail app has to take counts of everything that we have in stock. Purchase orders help us keep everything organized with our ever-changing inventory. Once we receive that purchase order, everything goes into our Square library where we can organize all of our different locations, inventory in one place. From there, we've send the items to their new home, whether it be Grelen, downtown, the cafe, or the market at Grelen.

The Square Loyalty program has been a great way of continuing to build that connection with our customers. It and encourages people to keep coming back, but also it gives us a way to see who our most loyal customers are.

So, because we're such a large company, having Square to organize all the items behind the scenes gives us the freedom to interact with our clients, help the local community, and continue to grow in the ways that we really want to.

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Square Inventory Management

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Square Loyalty

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Square Retail POS

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Multichannel inventory management is an invaluable tool for today’s retailer. Here's what to know and how to get started.

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