Episode 1 How Square Helped cityFoundry Modernize Its Operations

Brooklyn-based vintage retailer cityFoundry did things the old-fashioned way when they first started in 2000. Co-owner Claudia Cuseta walks us through how Square helped modernize its operations with tools to create items, print barcodes, and process returns and exchanges.
Apr 18, 2024 — 1 min read



Claudia Cuseta is the co-owner of cityFoundry in Brooklyn, New York.

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How Retailers Scale with Square

How Retailers Scale with Square

Square sellers walk us through how they leverage Square to help modernize their operations and grow their business.

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Claudia Cuseta: When cityFoundry first opened the, Sohrab processed credit cards with a credit card imprinter for our extensive inventory. It was all handwritten receipts, keeping track of a lot of paper. When Square came along, it was so streamlined and simplified.

So when a piece is ready to come into one of our stores, we immediately, we take a picture of it through the Square app, we're able to put all of its information in, and a barcode label is printed out from the Square system as well. It's super simple, always accurate, and checkout is a breeze.

So your total is $272.19. 

Customer: Okay. 

Claudia Cuseta: Thank you for shopping with us. We offer returns and exchanges on a limited basis. It's easy to partially refund them. To fully refund them. We don't have to go back and ask for their credit card information.

When we come in in the morning, the lights go on, the Square app is turned on. We make sure that our reader is set up and we are prepared to make a sale.

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