How Square Helps Graze on Main Streamline Operations

Elyse Pare and Geza Tanner, owners of Graze on Main in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, talk about how Square’s Point of Sale and online ordering helped their charcuterie & wine shop streamline their operations as their business grew.
Apr 18, 2024 — 2 min read


Geza Tanner: I believe eating starts with your eye and visual. When I'm creating a charcuterie bowl, I always look at it like when I'm hiking in nature and then you see a piece of grass with maybe a tree chunk on it, maybe some mushroom growing from the tree chunk. You don't even know what it starts and when it finish, so that's how I'm looking at a piece of nature. My name is Geza Tanner. I'm the owner of Graze on Main.

Elyse Pare: I'm Elyse Pare, co-owner of Grazes. We started Graze on Main accidentally during C, we found ourselves at home making charcuterie boards and then sharing it via social media. People were asking, where are you getting that from? By the summer, we were making boxes for people to go, so we immediately started looking for space. It was exciting and it happened very, very quickly. We were doing a lot of stuff manually, so right away getting square in here has just been crucial in just making our job so much easier. We don't have the time to do all the paperwork, so it's wonderful that we have a product that handles everything. For us, it was a matter of a day to make something beautiful that was user-friendly and even more efficient for us. You just take all of your inventory and you enable them for online, and then it builds this website. Customers can navigate to our Square online website. They can go in and select the size board that they'd like. They have a whole list of 30 different cheeses to pick from.

Geza Tanner: Before we come to the shop. We could see it on our phone, how many orders today we have, and what time those orders needs to be done by.

Elyse Pare: And then as they're completed, we mark them off in Square so that customer gets a text or an email, Hey, your order's ready for pickup. And when they show up to pick up the board, if they want to get some wine or Christine's, they can just tap their card. It saves to their profile so we can kind of track what customers are buying and what customers like, which product.

Geza Tanner: You come in for a cheeseboard and then three hours later you stay here and you just don't want to leave. We just create an open ticket and then we just add items to that as needed. And then when a person's ready to check out, you just charge.

Elyse Pare: It's a seamless process. That's definitely a benefit to not only us, but definitely the customer as well.

Geza Tanner: I just love the wine inventory system so much, so I could just come in on Monday and check my numbers.

Elyse Pare: It's exciting to see how we're growing because of that. Our POS system and our online system, they sync together so I can easily switch from checking a customer out to processing a report or I'm checking inventory from my laptop. Everything's all in one place. Without Square. I think we'd need a full administrative person, and as we grow, they grow with us. After a long 12, 14 hour day, it's nice to go home and click a button and say, here's how we did today, so we can then enjoy maybe a bottle of wine that went missing from inventory instead of doing paperwork at home.

Geza Tanner: I'm from Hungary, came to this country one years ago with a suitcase, no language and a big dream, and I think I'm sitting in the middle of that dream right now.

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