The Future of Restaurants Report: 2024 Edition

The Square Future of Restaurants report will give you insight into how global restaurant owners are staying competitive and what motivates customers to dine with them. Square worked with Wakefield Research to survey 2,000 restaurant owners and 4,000 customers in the U.S., Canada, UK, and Australia.
by Natalie Zunker Jan 31, 2024 — 1 min read
The Future of Restaurants Report: 2024 Edition

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Square partnered with Wakefield Research to survey consumers, restaurant owners, and retail owners in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia to uncover insights about the 2024 commerce landscape.
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Restaurant operators face high startup costs, lingering inflation, wavering employment levels, and increased competition. When met with a challenge, however, restaurant owners are quick to adapt. 

Looking ahead, innovation and expansion are key. Many restaurant owners are experimenting with new goods and services, such as subscriptions, merchandise, and classes, and are using new technology and tools to get there. Square surveyed restaurant owners across the U.S., Canada, the UK, and Australia to uncover what’s propelling restaurants across the globe and what restaurant owners still need to help them accomplish their goals in 2024. 

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Future of Restaurants Report: 2024 Edition

Restaurant owners are optimistic and ready to scale.

The majority (80%) of global restaurant owners surveyed are more optimistic about the future of their business compared to 12 months ago. One-hundred percent of respondents plan to expand their restaurant businesses this year through specific strategies, like diverse revenue streams that appeal to evolving consumer interests. 

Regions across the globe face unique hurdles. 

To reach their goals, restaurants in different regions face unique challenges to stay competitive. Whether they’re maintaining customer interest, navigating new supply chains, or dealing with ongoing staffing challenges, restaurants are pivoting to address particular constraints. 

Automation is powering restaurant resilience.

Various automation and technology use-cases are helping every restaurant fill critical gaps when they’re not fully staffed. 100% of restaurant owners reported that automation and technology have improved their businesses, and they’re using them in new, innovative ways to drive success. Another 54% plan to increase their spending on certain technology and automation tools in 2024.

Inside the Future of Restaurants report you’ll find:  

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Future of Restaurants Report: 2024 Edition

Natalie Zunker
Natalie Zunker is an editor at Square. She specializes in developing strategic content for restaurant sellers to help them run their business and reach their goals.

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