Black Owned: Black Business Ownership in America

Black Owned explores the history, experience, and voice of the Black entrepreneurial spirit and its essential contribution to the American economy.

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Constance Simms-Kincaid is the owner of Five Loaves Eatery in Chicago.


Reginald “Reo” Quarles is the owner of Teatopia in St. Louis. 


Maati Jone Primm is the owner of the nation's oldest Black-owned bookstore, open since the 1940s in Jackson’s historic Farish Street District.


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Episode 1 Black Owned in Chicago

Historically, for most Black families with dreams of departing the South, Chicago represented a land of liberation and economic prosperity. Now, after decades of systemic and environmental oppression, Constance of Five Loaves Eatery is setting up the South Side of Chicago for a comeback.
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Episode 2 Black Owned in St. Louis

In St. Louis, we see the dynamic and forward-looking character of Black businesses. Three St. Louis dreamers enter new industries despite the doubts surrounding them.
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Episode 3 Black Owned in Jackson

Jackson, Mississippi. One of the foundational cities that inspired and birthed early waves of Black entrepreneurs, Jackson shows the lingering challenges of Black ownership, while providing forward-looking solutions to progress.
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