How HOTWORX Uses Square To Power Its 500+ Locations

HOTWORX is a rapidly growing fitness franchise with over 500+ locations. Learn how HOTWORX integrated Square into its custom-built point of sale system to process omnichannel payments and enhance its members' experience.
Apr 18, 2024 — 1 min read


Stephen P. Smith: HOTWORX is a 24 hour infrared fitness studio. It was the very first of its kind. It's very unique and it's based on a workout inside of an infrared sauna. We made a decision early on in the life of our franchise that an off the shelf operating system was just not for us, so we had to write our own software, and one big part of that is the payment processing system, and then that's where Square stood out to us.

Robyn Powell: For anyone who thinks that Square is only for small businesses, we're living proof that they're not. As of today, we're processing millions of dollars in revenue per day with more than 523 locations using Square, they were able to help us truly customize a solution for our franchisees. With our proprietary POS system, we have weekly meetings with an enterprise team to help with our custom integration. We are a fast growing company and we need that support.

Stephen P. Smith: One of our mantras is more workout, less time. If you can get more from your workout and less time, and it's a win-win for everybody. With Square, the customer can buy that gear that they want and get on with their workout and then onto the rest of their life.

Robyn Powell: The Square Terminal really helped exceed our security when it came to credit card processing. The web payments SDK was phenomenal for us because online payments allow us to dramatically increase the amount of memberships that we're selling. PCI compliance is a major priority for any organization and it's covered on the square side. There's simple rates for card present and card not present transactions, and it's all straightforward for our franchisees.

Stephen P. Smith: Customers love it. Franchisees love it. General managers and their staff, they love it. It's a great enterprise level tool.

Robyn Powell: We don't really have an end in sight for growth. We're not even scratching the surface on all the tools that Square has to offer.

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