Episode 3 This Woman Is Taking Over a Dearborn Street with Her Beauty Bars

“My work ethic, my love for people, my dedication, all of that definitely comes from my Arab roots and the way my family raised me," explains Hanady Hachigian of NadyB Beauty Bar. Hachigian’s success led her to open an academy for aspiring cosmetic tattoo artists.
Apr 18, 2024 — 1 min read



Hanady Hachigian is the owner of NadyB Beauty Bar in Dearborn, Michigan.

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Hanady Hachigian: I've always understood that the reason why I'm so blessed is that I've wanted to help everybody out. I've always wanted to be that person for someone that I didn't have. Eyebrows are an expression. Being able to put an expression back on somebody's face, it's really special.

I have always been a natural born artist. When I found barbering in cosmetology in high school, it was blatantly obvious that this is what I was supposed to be doing. During the program, I got the job at the mall. I stayed at the mall for 10, 11 years. My lines were out the door, and that's where I established my clientele. We found a storefront and that was the first step to our lives changing forever.

Ever since then, it's been amazing. We started off with NadyB Beauty Bar, and it became so successful, so we just decided to place the separate location right next door to the Beauty Bar. At that point, I started thinking about teaching. We then decided to open up the academy. Everyone in our facility has been trained by me. I want to see them become successful because I've had to work super hard to get to this point. So for me, just seeing other women become successful, that is so rewarding to me.

It's a fulfilling feeling to work around, like-minded people laugh, lean on each other for advice. It's just a bond that is just honestly undescribable. That's been the thing that I've been most proud of, and I'm just all for bringing different types of women that come from different backgrounds and cultures and religions together to do something that they're passionate about.

Who is NadyB? She's my alter ego. She's a person that I step into, show everyone that comes in contact with me that you could do it too. NadyB is everything everyone told me I couldn't be.


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