Episode 4 How to Leave Your Day Job

In this episode Meagan Pimentel talks about the transition of leaving her job and working for the family's small business with her husband.
Apr 18, 2024 — 2 min read



Scarr Pimentel is the owner of Scarr's Pizza in Manhattan, New York City.

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I Made This

I Made This

Scarr Pimentel is the owner of Scarr’s Pizza, ranked as one of the best slices in NYC. With a focus on community and organic ingredients, his slice was declared the best in the city by Bon Appetit. In this series, he shares how he made his business.

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Scarr Pimentel: I'm more gruff. Direct. The way I talk to people, it's a little different than she does. 

Meagan Pimentel: Yeah, I'm the behind the scenes person and all the pressing queries. Anything to do with branding. I've always been in some sort of digital marketing partnership. Every job I had was dealing with that. I always wanted to be a part of Scars full time since before we opened. I mean, why not? It's our business, but we also needed to support ourselves. Health insurance is really nice to have, but we don't. Not happy if you're not learning somewhere. So obviously I made the decision. I just came home and said, I'm putting in my two weeks. 

Scarr Pimentel: It sucks when you work in a place where you have bosses that don't listen to you. Her ideas worked at our shop, so like they actually work for a reason. 

Meagan Pimentel: Everything I've been working on for my career, it applies here. 

Scarr Pimentel: Her expertise coming from a corporate world worked for us. 

Meagan Pimentel: When you're a restaurant, you're a restaurant, but then it's like when you're talking about a brand, it's kind of a different beast. 

Scarr Pimentel: I mean, working together as a married couple hasn't been easy. Spent a lot of time together. That's one thing.

Meagan Pimentel: I think when you're in any type of relationship and you just got to learn each other's boundaries, it's been a huge team effort. 

Scarr Pimentel: Every business has to have a team. You can't have the same people with the same mentalities and the same strengths of one team. You're not going to get anywhere. 

Meagan Pimentel: I hope that Scarr’s just keeps growing. I want everyone here to be happy. I love seeing the staff eager to learn more. It's actually like I don't want people here that are just coming in for a check. That's why I left my other job. You want people that want to learn, want to grow, want to help you. It means you're doing something right. 

Scarr Pimentel: They also want to learn. I want to teach them too. 

Meagan Pimentel: So they can open up their own businesses and they can be set up for success. I think that's the best part. 

Scarr Pimentel: How was it for today? Friday, bro. 

Speaker 1: Today was another day at the office. 

Scarr Pimentel: Don't look at the camera, man.

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When you’re building a business with your significant other, the stakes are incredibly high. Here, we talk to four couples for their advice on building their businesses while maintaining happy relationships.

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