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What is a well drink?

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A well drink is an alcoholic beverage made with liquor that is typically kept “in the well” of a bar, meaning it is the lowest tier or standard spirit included in a typical mixed drink. Well drinks are usually less expensive than mixed drinks or cocktails that require specific ingredients, and they are a popular choice for budget-minded drinkers.

Why is it called a well drink?

The term “well drink” can also refer to a simple mixed drink made with liquor from the bar’s well. For example, a vodka and soda would be considered a well drink.

Popular examples of well drinks include vodka tonics, gin and tonics, rum and Cokes, and whiskey sours. Some have more exotic names such as Tequila Sunrise (Tequila and orange juice), Dark & Stormy, Moscow Mule, Cuba Libres and Mojitos.

How do you create a profitable drinks list?

Creating a profitable well drinks list for your bar or restaurant requires careful consideration of your customer base and what they are likely to order. If you are in a college town, for example, your customers may be looking for cheap drinks that they can order in large quantities. In this case, it would make sense to offer a variety of well drinks at low prices. If you are in a more upscale location, however, your customers may be willing to pay more for quality cocktails. In this case, you would want to focus on offering a few high-end well drinks that are made with premium ingredients.

No matter what type of bar or restaurant you operate, it is important to have a few well drinks on your menu to appeal to a wide range of customers. By offering a variety of options, you can ensure that everyone who comes to your establishment will find a drink that suits their taste and budget.

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