How to Sell More Gift Cards with These Clever Holiday Gift Card Promotions

How to Sell More Gift Cards with These Clever Holiday Gift Card Promotions
Find out how to sell gift cards in person, in your store, and on your website with these great tips for boosting gift card sales this holiday season.
by Alise Bailey Sep 06, 2023 — 4 min read
How to Sell More Gift Cards with These Clever Holiday Gift Card Promotions

It’s no secret that consumers love gift cards. After all, who doesn’t love to receive cash to spend in their favorite store? According to the research, a lot of us do. Statista data shows that the global gift card market is expected to reach a value of $510 billion dollars by the end of 2025. Using the holiday season to zero in on these sales can be great for business. 

A release by PR Newswire found that gift cards were the top consumer purchase in 2022, with 67% planning to buy one. And since 85% of gift cards are redeemed in the first 60 days after they’re received, selling them at your store during the holidays can give your business a nice boost in sales and help with cash flow in the first few months of the new year.

Square makes it easy to sell gift cards, whether in your brick-and-mortar location, online, or both. There’s no subscription or redemption fee to run a gift card program with Square, and you can sell, redeem, track, and reload without any additional tools. It’s all integrated in your POS. You can also work with predesigned templates for both physical or eGift cards, or you can create your own custom look.

If you’ve never offered gift cards before — or if you already offer them but need some ideas to jumpstart sales — here are some gift card promotion ideas to help you sell a ton of gift cards this holiday season.

How to sell gift cards in your brick-and-mortar store or restaurant

At your brick-and-mortar location, there are plenty of opportunities to showcase and promote your holiday gift card offerings. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

How to sell gift cards online

If you have a website, ensure your Square eGift cards are in a prominent space for shoppers to see. You might even consider adding a banner or a simple pop-up message to encourage clicks and garner interest. If your website includes eCommerce, add a link to your Square eGift cards order page. On checkout pages for online orders or purchases, make sure you leave the option to add them to the order at the last minute. Having the option to buy them in multiple places makes them easy, low-hanging fruit. You might also create discounts and promo codes for your Square eGift cards.

Businesses that sell Square eGift cards are also added to the Square Give and Get Local directory, where consumers can look up stores in their surrounding area that sell online and in-store gift cards.

In addition to selling gift cards on your own website, you can sell them on social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram or on marketplace sites such as Etsy. These sites are especially good if your own website doesn’t have eCommerce capabilities.

It’s important to be strategic about which sites make the most sense for your brand, customers, and products. When you post, ensure that your gift cards get visibility in relevant searches by tagging your ad with keywords and phrases — or hashtags on social media — that shoppers might use to find your products or services.

How to promote gift cards on other channels

The advice above works if you can get someone to your store, your website, or your profiles on social networks and marketplaces. But if your customers don’t know you offer gift cards, they can’t buy them. So consider creating a gift card strategy and investing in promotions and marketing.

Get the word out to your current customers through your social media channels and through email marketing. Create fun campaigns that include photos of your gift cards with your products, and mention any upcoming promotions.

If you want to use your customers to get the word out about gift cards, try a social campaign that gives away gift cards. Invite people to submit some kind of holiday content. This can vary based on what your business is. Have them use a hashtag specific to your business or photos of what they would purchase with their gift card. Then award the best submissions.

If you want to offer exclusive or special, unbeatable gift card deals, consider marketing them to your loyal customers through Square Loyalty and giving a gift to those who support your business frequently.

How to take gift cards in your store or restaurant

Gift cards are integrated right into your Square Point of Sale and Square Dashboard. When a customer pays with a gift card, swipe the card and the balance will update automatically. If you’re a restaurant that offers tableside payments or self-serve kiosks, your customers can simply swipe the card themselves and still pay with a gift card. Customers can also add more money to their gift card easily at any time. All gift card transactions will show up in your reporting, and you can export a full report of gift card sales right from your Square Dashboard. And once you’re up and running, you’ll receive transfers for gift card activations instantly or within one to two business days.Our new holiday gift card designs have just arrived. There’s no better time to stock up before the holiday rush.

Alise Bailey
Alise Bailey is an editor at Square, where she writes about how to start, run, and grow a business, highlighting our sellers around the world.


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