Most People Want Bacon With That

Most People Want Bacon With That
How America orders.
by Square Sep 29, 2014 — 1 min read
Most People Want Bacon With That

It’s seldom just a straight latte. It’s one with 2% milk, extra foam, and an additional shot. Or with soy. Or vanilla. Or decaf (rarely).

Square’s point-of-sale tool catalogs all these order modifications, helping sellers make smart business decisions. Like what types of things they should stock up on, or even if they should add a new item to their menu.

Curious about how Americans modify their orders, we crunched some numbers. Turns out, we really like whole milk in our coffee. People order it 500% more than skim. In the lunch category, fries win out over potato salad—they’re the most popular side dish by 131%. And not surprisingly, bacon FTW.

How America Orders

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