The Top Multihyphenates to Visit in Sacramento

Sacramento, California is bustling with businesses that function as a one-stop shop. From rare plant shops that also serve as art exhibits to the perfectly Instagrammable dessert bar and game space, here are the top places to visit, according to a local.
by Brittany Hausman May 01, 2024 — 1 min read
The Top Multihyphenates to Visit in Sacramento

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The Essential List of Multihyphenate Businesses

The Essential List of Multihyphenate Businesses

A salon that doubles as a cafe. A restaurant with a successful merch line. Multihyphenate businesses need multiple hyphens to describe all the value they bring to customers’ lives. This series celebrates these wildly creative businesses.

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Customers today crave a one-stop shop. Whether it’s grabbing coffee while browsing a local store or taking home merchandise from a favorite restaurant, customers are looking for new experiences and new ways to engage with the local businesses they frequent.

In fact, the 2024 Square Future of Commerce report found that 80% of customers are interested in trying a new type of offering from a business known for something else. The good news? Businesses are up for the challenge, and they’re laying the foundation for an entirely new business type. 

Enter multihyphenate businesses. Multihyphenate businesses diversify their revenue by adding non-core offerings, subscriptions, or other services to their store, salon, or restaurant. And Sacramento is bustling with them. From dessert bars that let you take your sugar rush to a whole new level to plant shops that double as an event space, here are the top multihyphenates to visit in Sacramento, according to Brittany Hausman.


Public Land

Location Sacramento, CA Offerings Retail, art gallery, lecture events, vendor markets Connect Website , Instagram Products used

Public Land is a unique plant shop that also sells retail items and hosts frequent events, including art exhibitions from emerging and established artists. Located near the Curtis Park neighborhood, this thriving business prides itself on providing the people of Sacramento with unique goods and services they can’t find anywhere else. “Considering peoples’ short attention spans and the current, ever-changing cultural landscape, it made sense to offer a multitude of options to reflect this dynamic,” owner Austin McManus said.

Their art exhibitions, for example, feature artists from all over the country, and their plant offerings are rare and one-of-a-kind. Driven by changing customer habits, Public Land aims “to be your go-to spot for all your purchase/gift needs, offering a diverse range of items from a rare plant, a vintage ashtray, an original piece of art, and more,” McManus said. “Our customers tell us that our shop itself offers a calming yet engaging retail experience that they have yet to encounter anywhere else.”


Quarry Park Adventures

Location Rocklin, CA Offerings Adventure park, camps, field trips, birthday parties, retail Connect Website , Instagram Products used

Quarry Park Adventures is an adventure park that sells retail items, hosts private and public events like summer camp and birthday parties, and even offers paddle boat rentals for kids. Built within and atop a former rock quarry, this multihyphenate business is located in Rocklin, CA, just minutes outside of Sacramento. Operated by a small, family-owned business with over 20 years of experience in the adventure industry, Quarry Park Adventures prides itself on community and creating experiences for every adventurer. “Having multiple ticket options and lots of special programming allows us to best serve the public and provide options for people to ‘choose their own adventure,'” explains Abby Burt, owner and chief marketing officer. 

“During the peak season, we employ upward of 80+ people, most of them young adults,” Burt said. “When you support Quarry Park Adventures, it is these people that your dollars impact the most.”


Pachamama Coffee

Location Sacramento, CA; Davis, CA; Placerville, CA Offerings Coffee shop, classes, events, subscriptions Connect Website , Instagram Products used

Pachamama Coffee is a global cooperative and cafe that sells coffee by the bag, offers coffee subscriptions, and sells retail items including apparel, coffee mugs, coffee filters, and more. With five locations total and three directly around Sacramento, Pachamama Coffee sets itself apart by being the only coffee roaster in the U.S. 100% owned by farmers, making their products truly seed to cup. “Pachamama brings great coffee to Sacramento in a way that no other company can. We foster direct connections between the producers and the consumers,” said Thaleon Tremain, co-founder and CEO.

“The more Pachamama can educate people about the benefits of organic coffee, the more the cooperative can reinvest locally,” said Tremain. Their local investments are rooted in offering a one-of-a-kind experience that fosters connections with customers. From coffee tastings to latte-inspired art to home-roasting classes, Pachamama Coffee is committed to showcasing the power of coffee. And when they aren’t creating educational experiences around coffee, they create room for other types of experiences, including live music, movies, and more.


BAD Bakers

Location Sacramento, CA; Roseville, CA; Santa Ana, CA; Elk Grove, CA Offerings Baked goods, merch shop Connect Website , Instagram Products used

BAD Bakers is a brick-and-mortar and mobile bakery that sells one-of-a-kind sweet and savory baked goods and unique branded merchandise. With a donut truck and five locations across Northern California and one in Southern California, this multihyphenate bakery attributes its success and growth to one key ingredient: love. With a large range of products created with a Filipino fusion, every item is unique and “made in house with love daily,” founder Katelyn Tiuseco said.

From sweet breads and gourmet donuts with cereal toppings to savory items like lumpias and empanadas, BAD Bakers is the ideal place for diehard, baked-good obsessives. BAD Bakers is also big on community. When the donut truck, the BAD Mobile, isn’t serving the Sacramento and Roseville areas several times a week, the business donates baked goods to community events in an effort to spread the love.



Location Sacramento, CA Offerings Desserts, events, game rentals Connect Website , Instagram Products used

Cerealism is an immersive cereal-themed dessert bar that offers unique experiences like Nintendo Switch rentals and one-of-a-kind photo backdrops. Located in the heart of Old Town Sacramento, this business marries the concept of an Instagram museum with food, giving content creators and experience lovers the chance to create and consume from every angle.

Every month there’s often a new theme, a new place to take pictures, and a limited-edition menu that makes this place the constant place to be. “We lead with cereal and follow up with unique concepts,” said Laterica Reddix, owner of Cerealism. “[We have things like] Cereal Sushi, our Reese’s Puff Circus Shake, or our Cinnamon Toast Crunch Affogato made with Biscoff Cookie Butter.” With these special flavors and special backdrops and experiences to match, this business is quickly becoming a Sacramento staple.


Lazi Cow

Location Sacramento, CA; Davis, CA; Folsom, CA; Roseville, CA Offerings Desserts, events, game rentals Connect Website , Instagram Products used

Lazi Cow is a bubble tea shop and restaurant that creatively incorporates merchandise into their business model, with over four locations across Northern California. But Lazi Cow isn’t your typical boba tea shop. “We don’t necessarily give ‘it’s a boba shop’ vibe,’ explains co-founder Jimmy Phu. With a customizable tea menu, customers have limitless options. To make things even more interesting, their specialty drinks also have unforgettable names (i.e., the Sugar Daddy for their brown sugar latte). At Lazi Cow, there’s something for everyone, from the boba expert to the simple beverage drinker to the hungry friend.

With boba drinks sold in reusable glass jars, even the environment gets a kick out of this business while providing a cute and memorable souvenir for customers. 

Customers also get a discount when they bring their jars back, which encourages repeat visits. However, community is most important for this business. “We are one of the many gems in Sacramento that allow the community to bond and laugh while having a sip of the many delicious and quenching drinks we have to offer,” Phu said. “It really adds a core memory for the community.” Whether you’re looking to expand your boba palette or just grab a quick snack, Lazi Cow is a must. 

With 77% of restaurants planning to expand in the coming year and 99% of retailers planning to invest in additional revenue streams, there’s never been a better time to discover new ways to better serve your customer base. Interested in learning more about multihyphenate businesses? Read our Future of Multihyphenate Businesses report

Brittany Hausman
Brittany Hausman is a Sacramento-based content creator with a mission to highlight local businesses and tourism in Northern California. As the founder of the "Women of Sacramento Hiking Group," she advocates for outdoor exploration and bringing the local community together to renew a sense of pride in the city of Sacramento.

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