How To Leverage Facebook Insights to Benefit Your Business

How To Leverage Facebook Insights to Benefit Your Business
Facebook provides Insights to help you better understand your audience. Here's how to transform those analytics into growth.
by Square Aug 22, 2019 — 3 min read
How To Leverage Facebook Insights to Benefit Your Business

If you’ve created a Facebook page for your business, ideated a content strategy, put together a post schedule, and started communicating with your followers, you’ve probably started wondering whether your efforts are paying off.

Like any business model, diving into the numbers is one of the best ways to see if the energy you’re putting into your page is helping drive brand awareness, consideration, and action — and whether your post content is resonating with the people you care about.

When you log in to your Facebook Business Page, there’s a tab on the top titled Insights. This is your home base for all things related to analytics on your posts, audience, and overall performance. The primary dashboard for Insights is Overview, sharing an array of at-a-glance metrics. Along the left-hand column, there are tabs to take a deeper dive into some of the priority metrics below in different categories.

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 2.43.13 PM

To learn more about your audience and followers:

Followers: Want to see how you’re doing in the growth department? You’ll find a clear view of how many page followers you’re gaining day by day, with an option to break it down by a chosen time period. Use this feature to see if a special promotion, event, campaign, or piece of content drove a spike in followers.


To measure the success of your content:


To see actions and purchases from your Facebook page:

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