4 Steps for Launching Your Facebook Business Page

4 Steps for Launching Your Facebook Business Page
Here are four steps to create and execute your Facebook content plan with confidence.
by Square Mar 22, 2019 — 2 min read
4 Steps for Launching Your Facebook Business Page

There are over 1.3 billion people on Facebook, so it’s a place where your business should have a presence. But building a Facebook page for your business may seem like a daunting task. It needs to resonate with your target audience, showcase your brand’s capabilities, and lend itself to growing your community.

Like most things in life, tackling your business’s Facebook strategy is something you’ll feel more confident about when you start with a clear, concise plan. Here are four steps to create and execute your plan with confidence.

1. Set clear goals.

Before you start thinking about what and when to publish, you need to establish goals for your Facebook Business Page. Think about what you want your page to accomplish. Do you want to create a community or engage people with your brand? Or do you want to drive consumers to your website or into your store? Maybe your goal is just to get into a regular posting cadence.

Once you have a goal, you need to identify how you will measure success. This creates a North Star for content creation and promotional strategies.

Here are some of the different types of goals you might think about and how you might measure them:

2. Identify how your target audience uses Facebook.

After setting clear goals, it’s time to think about how your target audience will interact with your Facebook Page. Will they use it to stay in the loop about business promotions? Will they want to share your posts containing exciting announcements with their Facebook friends? Is it likely that customers will message your business with questions via Facebook Messenger?

Make a list of these potential actions, then optimize your plan based on how they’ll interact with your page. You might rethink your goal, for instance, based on how you think people will use your page and/or content.

3. Use your page to establish your brand identity.

Think of your Facebook Business Page as a landing page that can help educate new community members and potential customers about your business — much like your website. These design elements can make your brand’s purpose clear and concise.

facebook photo one

faceook photo two

4. Introduce yourself.

Once you’re live, make sure you greet current and potential community members by sharing a very human hello. Without an establishing post, your page looks unfinished and inactive. A short and sweet greeting lets users know your Facebook Page is open for business.

facebook photo three

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