How to Find Reputable Contractors for Your Business

How to Find Reputable Contractors for Your Business
Here's how to know when to outsource certain roles in order unlock your business' potential and where to find the top contractors based on your unique business needs and budget. 
by Alena Courtney Mar 29, 2024 — 3 min read
How to Find Reputable Contractors for Your Business

As a seasoned entrepreneur, you’ve probably had to wear a lot of hats. Maybe you’re a social media guru one day or a warehouse worker the next. And while being a jack-of-all-trades is a great way to get a comprehensive grasp of how your business operates and grows, there will come a day when you will need to hire a specialist to take things to the next level.

Let’s dive into when to outsource certain roles and how to find the top contractors based on your unique business needs and budget. 

When to consider hiring a specialist as a contractor 

Hiring a contractor is beneficial for a few reasons. Are you growing your business and looking to move quickly? Need someone with a specific skillset? Trying to finish a short-term project? Hiring a contractor is typically a more cost-effective and flexible option than hiring a full-time employee when you consider factors like benefits, taxes, and overhead costs associated with bringing on a new employee.

Here are a few circumstances when hiring a contractor is likely a better option than going it alone or hiring a full-time employee:

How to find a reputable contractor 

Once you’ve decided hiring a contractor is in the best interests of your business, the next step is finding professionals who are experienced and know how to navigate the technology your business runs on.

The good news is that there are trustworthy platforms to help you find contractors and specialists for your specific business needs, whether that be bringing your business online with a stellar website, design, or even accounting.  

You can use the Square Specialists Directory to easily search for a specific job type and filter based on your preferences, like services offered, industry expertise, budget, and location. Once you’ve found a specialist you’re interested in working with, browse their portfolio of work and quickly send a request to work with them. If your business already runs on Square or you’re looking to switch technology providers, selecting a specialist from the Square Specialist Directory will be the fastest way to complete your project.  

The best part? All Square Specialists have already been vetted and approved by Square and have deep Square product knowledge, which means you can hire a specialist confidently knowing the job will get done correctly and quickly. 

We were impressed by the professionalism of the [Square] specialist, and the project was completed on time. The collaboration was seamless, thanks to their responsiveness. Overall, it was a great experience.”

Tonya Rocho owner, Rock Solid Wellness Studio.

Here are the areas of expertise Square specialists support:


It’s also worthwhile to tap your professional network on LinkedIn for direct referrals from other leaders in your industry. Other popular platforms with large networks to find more general contractors include Upwork and Freelancer. Before hiring a contractor from these platforms, be sure to read their reviews and ratings. 

Finding the help you need, when you need it 

Whether you quickly need to set up your online store, optimize your SEO presence, or just get expert guidance on taxes, a specialist can help get the job done without a longer-term commitment or overhead costs, so you can focus on your strengths where they matter most and will have the largest impact. 

All my requirements were fulfilled as requested, and the [Square] specialist provided valuable training on aspects crucial for my future needs. I was extremely happy with the outcome.”

Rhonda Harris owner, Rhonda Harris Salon.

Ready to get started? Unlock your business’s potential with Square specialists

Alena Courtney
Alena Courtney is an Editor at Square covering all things Retail — She writes about retail trends, retail business models, inventory and supply chain management, ecommerce and in-person growth.


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