Business Staffing Guide: How To Run, Grow, and Train Your Team

Business Staffing Guide: How To Run, Grow, and Train Your Team
What can you do to recruit and retain top talent in a challenging and evolving labor market? Here's our guide.
by Austin Tedesco Nov 01, 2022 — 6 min read
Business Staffing Guide: How To Run, Grow, and Train Your Team

This article is for educational purposes and does not constitute legal, financial, or tax advice. For specific advice applicable to your business, please contact a professional.

Maybe you’ve taken the initial steps to start your business — from solidifying a business idea to writing a business plan to coming up with a name — and now you’ve decided you’re ready to hire employees. Or maybe you’re looking for better ways to evolve your existing team. Where do you start? And what can you do to recruit and retain top talent in a challenging and evolving labor market?

Here’s a guide through the process. It includes necessary forms, tips, and tools to succeed and grow your business while taking care of your team.

Before you start hiring

Check out How to hire employees: A checklist and consider completing the following tasks:

Some additional tasks and steps to consider:

Setting salary and benefits plans

How much should you pay your team? Here are some steps that may help you determine the right figures:

It’s also helpful to have a payroll system in place for when your team is hired. Here are some basic tasks to consider when setting up a payroll system:

Remember that offering benefits is a key part of building a good team. While they can add additional costs, they can also potentially benefit your business in multiple ways, including:

According to a survey conducted by Ramsey Solutions, the top 10 most common employee benefits typically offered by businesses include: 

You can also consider more out-of-the-box benefit options. Get some ideas here.

Recruiting and hiring

Best practices for recruiting top talent

There are a few important ways to set yourself up for recruiting success and find the right people, including:


Need to hire quickly? These tips can help you speed up the process while still prioritizing fit:


The application and interview process

When you’re ready to field candidates, here are some ways to get the most out of your employee application forms:


Here are some typical application components to include:


Here’s a list of interview questions that may be helpful in assessing new hires:


Types of workers for your business

Understanding the difference between employee types not only impacts the taxes you pay and the benefits you offer, but it may also help you figure out who you need to bring on. There are a few different types of employee classifications, including:

Tips for how to onboard and train your employees

A smooth, considered onboarding and training process is integral to long-term success after you’ve officially hired employees. Here’s how to get started with onboarding:


Being thoughtful about your training process can also contribute to more productive and satisfied employees. Have a plan in place to build up the technical and the soft skills necessary for the role. And having an easy-to-learn, all-in-one ecosystem of tools, such as Square Shifts for scheduling connected to your Square POS and payroll, can help facilitate that process for both employees and employers.

Looking for HR resources? Square HR Experts helps you save time and money with customizable HR document templates, an employee handbook builder, and access to certified HR experts. HR Experts also helps you avoid costly compliance penalties with proactive alerts when employment laws are released or updated.

How to grow your team and optimize your staffing

An essential part of running a business with employees is learning how to get the most out of your team while you prioritize their well-being and remain mindful of labor costs. Research shows that employee retention and engagement are top problems faced by companies. Focusing on these employee development steps is a good way to start building a strong, satisfied staff:


Prioritizing staff well-being while managing business growth is one trait of successful businesses. Here are some tips:


Technology such as Square Shifts can help you keep track of schedules and time-off requests. It can also empower your team to manage their schedules and view hours and pay in real-time. Here are more ways to retain top talent:


Automation and optimizations are also useful tools here. Relying on multiple companies and software solutions to run your business can be a pain. Having an all-in-one system makes the busywork easy, giving your staff more time to focus on the work they love. The Square ecosystem of business solutions helps cut out the time-consuming tasks, from data management to tip tracking and shift scheduling. This can give you more time to invest in your business and your team, and it frees up employees to do more meaningful work.

From inventory management to payroll and email automations, here are some examples of how businesses optimize their operations.

Staffing tools and solutions

As you choose or switch payroll software for your business, consider the amount of time spent working across multiple tools or making fixes and tweaks across the board manually. Square Shifts provides POS-integrated time tracking, team member scheduling, and wage management to optimize your labor costs and simplify your payroll process. It connects to key business reports in your Square Dashboard so you can stay on top of your labor costs and scheduling needs — from overtime and break tracking to early clock-in prevention — all while keeping your data in one place.

Austin Tedesco
Austin Tedesco is an editor at Square covering all things management — from the technical aspects of payroll and taxes to the soft skills that lead to strong teams for any business.


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