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Remain confident in your HR practices with help from advisors and tools to create HR documents.

Easily create HR documents, including new-hire forms and handbooks.

Access a variety of templates to craft HR documents and employee handbooks.

Templates include new-hire forms and letters, handbook policies, performance management check-ins, and more.

Save time and money.

81% of surveyed customers save up to five hours per week with Mineral.1

29% of surveyed customers save $10,000 or more per year with Mineral.1

1Source: Mineral | TechValidate survey, July 2022

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Have questions?

  • What are the benefits of Square HR software?

    HR Experts provides you with a suite of tools to make HR management easier and more efficient. You can access a library of resources on key HR topics, create HR documents and employee handbooks, and reach out to certified HR experts for advice.

  • Can I use HR Experts for contractors?

    HR Experts is HR software that works for teams of all types and sizes. With HR Experts you can access resources that are specific to contractors, including guidance on wages, hours, and classifications.

  • How does HR Experts make payroll easier?

    HR Experts is integrated into the Square platform, so you only need one login to run payroll and access HR resources. HR Experts also provides document templates for hiring and onboarding, so you have all the documentation you need before setting up a new employee on payroll.

  • How can HR Experts save me time and money?

    HR Experts helps you save time and money with customizable HR document templates, an employee handbook builder, and access to certified HR experts. HR Experts also helps you avoid costly compliance penalties with proactive alerts when employment laws are released or updated.

  • How much does HR Experts cost?

    HR Experts offers two plan options: monthly and annual. The monthly subscription is priced at $60 per location per month, and the annual subscription is priced at $45 per location per month, billed annually. With the annual subscription, you will be charged the full year’s fee, $540 per location, after your 30-day free trial ends. The annual price is a 25% discount on the monthly price. You can cancel your plan at any time through your Square Dashboard; however, there are no prorated refunds for partially used billing periods.

  • Does HR Experts provide HR services in Spanish?

    The Mineral HR platform, including the law alerts, HR resource library, and HR experts, is currently available only in English. Employee handbooks created through Mineral can be translated into Spanish.

HR Experts is provided to you in partnership with Mineral, Inc. HR Experts is provided solely by Mineral, Inc., not Square. Square makes no representations or warranties about the suitability of these products.