Question 1/3

Tell us what kind of business you’re running.

PD03639 - a food and drinks Food and drinkPD03639 - b beauty BeautyPD03639 - c retail RetailPD03639 - d proff services Professional services

Question 2/3

How much does your business typically make in a year?

Less than $250k$250k – $500k$500k – $1M More than $1M

Question 3/3

What are you looking to improve?

paymentspayments-active Taking paymentsbankcash-flow-active Cash flow managementsmileysmiley-active Customer relationshipspeoplebank-active Staff management

Here’s the set of Square tools we think are best suited to help you with taking payments.managing your cash flow.customer relationships.managing your team.


Square for Retail

The retail POS system for smooth selling.


An appointment-scheduling POS system built to save you time and help you stay in control.

Square Online Store

Turn any business into an online business with a free eCommerce website.


Create and send digital invoices and track when you get paid.

Square for Restaurants

A POS built to streamline and speed up your restaurant operation.

Online Ordering

Take online food orders for pickup, delivery, and contactless in-person dining.

Square Point of Sale

An easy-to-use POS built for all kinds of businesses.

More tools

Thank your regulars with a customer loyalty program.
PD03800 - Tools e loyalty

Get full-service payroll and employee benefits all in one place.
PD03800 - Tools h payroll

Engage customers and reach new ones.
PD03800 - Tools f marketing

Square Online ->
Turn any business into an online business with a free eCommerce website.
PD03800 - Tools a square online

Manage your availability and let customers book online.
PD03800 - Tools g scheduling

Contactless Payment ->
Accept contactless cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
PD03800 - Tools b contactless payments

Spend the money you earn instantly.
PD03800 - Tools c checking

Save automatically with every sale.
PD03800 - Tools d savings

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