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Solutions to help your business make the shifts it needs.

Stay connected to your customers with tools that all connect together.

Start selling online

It’s free to set up your Square Online Store—and you only pay when you make a sale.

  • Website Builder
  • eCommerce
  • Instagram Shopping
  • eGift Cards
  • Integrated Apps

Get up and running in minutes.

Square Online Store has everything you need to start selling to customers anywhere. Create and publish your online store quickly—no coding required.

Beautiful designs

Professional website designs to fit your business.

Highlight your best sellers

Make it easy for customers to find your most popular items.

Built-in SEO

It’s easy for customers to find you on Google.

Everything you need to sell smoothly and securely.

Secure payments for every setup

Whether you sell with Square Online Store or integrate Square into your site, you can accept every kind of payment.

Accept Apple Pay and Google Pay online

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Take payments with Square on your existing website via our pre-built integrations.

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Our templates look great on mobile devices, too

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More places to sell

Our eCommerce tools help you reach customers over email and on their social channels, too.

Sell on Instagram

Create shoppable posts of your products on Instagram.

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Sell over email

Send email to customers with checkout links included.

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Ship it, deliver it, or set up pickup

Bring your business to your customers with curbside pickup, local delivery, and shipping.

  • Point of Sale
  • Online Store
  • Delivery Services
  • Email Marketing
  • Order Manager

Get set up with Square—then flip a switch.

Whether you sell with Square POS or Square Online Store, you’re just a few steps away from selling for pickup and delivery. Orders are managed seamlessly, and you can print them if you prefer.

Modify items easily

Dressing on the side, extra spicy—customers can easily customize orders to their liking.

More ways to get paid

Manually enter credit cards over the phone, accept eGift Cards, and more.

Customer notifications

Customers can choose to receive status updates via text or email.

Fulfill every order without missing a beat.

Get it there any way you want

Deliver orders yourself or partner with integrated third-party services to get it there.

Integrate popular ordering platforms for delivery and pickup orders.

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Ship it with Shippo

Square integrates with Shippo so you can easily ship orders.

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Everything in sync

Our software is designed to streamline your orders and keep them all in one place.

Order management

Track and manage multiple fulfillment types.

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Resources to help

Learn more about curbside pickup and local delivery from other Square sellers.

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Take payments remotely

Collect payments with your computer or phone from anywhere with Square.

  • Virtual Terminal
  • Invoices
  • Estimates
  • Customer Directory

Fast, easy, and safe for everybody.

Send invoices from anywhere with Square Invoices, or key in and charge cards with Square Virtual Terminal from your computer.

Customers pay with a click

Customers receive the invoice in their inbox and can pay with a debit or credit card.

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Complete sales quickly

Set up an item library to make itemized sales in an instant.

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Track everything in one place

All remote payments sync in your Square Dashboard, making it easy to track your cash flow.

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Run marketing campaigns

Create and send custom email, reach customers on social channels, and boost your search results on Google.

  • Email Marketing
  • Instagram Shopping
  • SEO Tools
  • Facebook Ads

Let them know you’re still open for business.

Whether you want to run a campaign, sell eGift Cards, or just say hello, Square Marketing can help you reach your customers.

Drop in discounts

Add discounts to your marketing email. Customers can easily redeem them at your Square POS.

Customizable templates

Choose from a variety of professional templates to help you create email and social campaigns.

Easy campaign setup

With our suite of simple email marketing tools, you can quickly go from start to send.

Make your business more visible.

Reach customers on social channels

From Instagram to Facebook, we make it easy to sell in the places where your customers spend their time.


Create an Instagram business account and shoppable links.
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Facebooks ads

Share your marketing campaigns to Facebook with a click.
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Send customers friendly reminders

If shoppers leave something in their cart, you can send them a note to follow up.


Send marketing email to customers in minutes.

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One-click online checkout

Allow your customers to shop without creating an eCommerce website.

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Start taking touch-free payments with 20% off contactless hardware.

If you’re selling in person, start accepting Apple Pay, Google Pay, and contactless cards with 20% off contactless hardware now through June 1, 2020.

Online Store and Curbside Pickup and Digital Invoices and Contactless Payments and Email Marketing and