Square Online

Self-serve ordering for restaurants.

QR code-powered ordering lets you limit in-person contact, increase efficiency, and improve the customer experience.

How QR code ordering works

Step 1: Create your Square Online ordering page.

All ordering pages offer an app-like experience for easy browsing, ordering, and payment on mobile.

Step 2: Generate and print your QR codes.

Each QR code is uniquely mapped to one of your tables, walk-up windows, parking spots, or other ordering locations.

Step 3: Diners scan QR codes to open your ordering page.

Guests can order, add notes, and pay immediately or keep ordering on the same tab.

Step 4: Orders go to your POS and kitchen printers.

Your staff can prep and run orders, or you can provide guests instructions on where to pick them up.

Streamline operations and improve customer service.

Provide peace of mind to diners and staff by limiting contact and shared surfaces

Offer easy payment options with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Square Pay

Raise efficiency with improved table turn times

Free up staff to focus on fulfilling orders and creating an optimal guest experience

Give diners the freedom to order when they want—without waiting for a server

Let customers open a tab and then pay from their device before leaving

Make ordering easy and intuitive with a mobile-optimized menu and payment experience

Collect valuable data and run tailored marketing campaigns to turn guests into repeat customers

Get started with self-serve ordering today.

Setting up your online ordering page and QR codes is quick and easy.