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Why use QR codes?

QR code solutions from Square help make ordering and payment safer, contact free, and more efficient. Plus, they give your customers more control over their experience to grow your online and in-person sales. Check out all the different QR code solutions Square has to elevate your business.

QR codes for in-person dining

Create an interactive online menu diners can access via QR code to order and pay entirely from their phone. QR codes are mapped to tables for easier dine-in service.

“Our labor cost percentage for an entire beer garden is 150% less than it was when I owned a 300 square foot shop, and that’s entirely because of QR code ordering.”

Liz Fiedler, The Junction

QR codes for contactless payments

Generate a quick QR code and share it online or in print to accept payments for a specific item or service — no need to create a full website.

“Using QR codes for our pop-up galleries lets us sell at any location, anytime. Buyers scan the code for a specific piece of art to see the price and purchase from their phones.”

Dean Settle, Metro Gallery Store

QR codes for remote ordering

Square Online generates a unique QR code for every site that gets built. You can put this QR code on in-store signage for onsite orders or on print ads and flyers to drive remote ordering.

“We use QR codes so customers don’t need to line up and order at the counter. Employees can focus more on quick and accurate fulfillment, and creating the best guest experience.”

Amy, Honey Art Cafe

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