How to Ideate, Track, and Achieve Goals on Your Facebook Page

How to Ideate, Track, and Achieve Goals on Your Facebook Page
Here are simple ways to set and create goals for your page and individual posts, plus KPIs to help you measure your success.
by Square May 01, 2019 — 2 min read
How to Ideate, Track, and Achieve Goals on Your Facebook Page

Keeping up with your Facebook for Business page takes a solid amount of time and effort.

To make the most of your work, you need to be clear about your goals for the page. Whether your intention for your Facebook page is to drive physical and digital traffic or to spread brand awareness, there are ways to track your success on the platform.

Below are simple ways to set and create goals for your page and individual posts, plus key performance indicators (KPIs) to help you measure your success.

Define your Facebook page goals and KPIs.

Determine the mission of your Facebook business page. What do you want your audience to take away from your content, and what’s important to communicate to new and existing followers? Keep in mind, there can be more than one goal. Here’s how to measure your success.

Goal: Generate brand awareness | KPIs: reach and/or impressions.
Measurements of success for brand awareness posts are the reach of your page and individual posts, and impressions of your page and content. The amount of individual post shares can be another key performance indicator of awareness, as new audience members are actively being reached.

Goal: Driving consideration | KPIs: engagement (likes and comments), video views, link visits.
The difference between “awareness” and “consideration” goals may seem small, but it’s important to track each specific goal separately to move the needle. As you probably noticed, “Consideration” KPIs require more action from users, as they each suggest that these audience members are genuinely considering your brand and absorbing what you’re putting into their Facebook feed.

Goal: Conversion | KPIs: website traffic, app downloads, product tag purchases, Facebook-exclusive promo code redemptions.
At the end of the day, what use are awareness and consideration if they’re not helping you create new customers and more business for your brand? To track this goal specifically, create posts that drive users to your site (on both organic posts and Facebook advertisements), offer Facebook-exclusive promotions (coupons can be sent and tracked via Square Marketing) to drive purchases, or tag products from your catalogue on your posts featuring key SKUs.

Set clear CTAs for each individual Facebook post.

When you’re creating a piece of content, think about the action you want your audience to take and how it ladders up to the goals you’ve set. Facebook allows you to activate specific CTA features on posts like “Offer a Discount Code” or “Create an Event Invitation” that can help make this more straightforward and trackable. Need some more guidance on CTAs? More on that here.

Compose a timeline to track progress for key metrics with benchmarking.

Whether it’s weekly, monthly, or quarterly, identify how often you want to evaluate your goals and KPIs. Checking in regularly gives you direction for how to improve in the future, what you should produce more of, and how to communicate better with your community to drive awareness, consideration, and conversion. Simply dive into the Insights tab on your Facebook for Business page, or check your dashboard in Square Marketing, to determine the results of your work and changes over time.

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