Game-Changing Technology Upgrades For Your Business

Game-Changing Technology Upgrades For Your Business
You might camp out for the latest smartphone, but when’s the last time you upgraded the technology at your business? Check out these game changers for your biggest pain points.
by Square Sep 15, 2015 — 2 min read
Game-Changing Technology Upgrades For Your Business

You might camp out for the latest smartphone, but when’s the last time you upgraded the technology at your business? If it’s been a while, that’s understandable — adopting new systems can seem overwhelming at first. So how do you know what to tackle first, and what’s worth the investment? Check out these game changers for your biggest pain points.

Payment systems

Your business’s payment system should be two things: secure and quick. If it’s lacking in either of those areas, it’s time to upgrade, especially considering the liability shift, which hits October 1. Square’s new contactless and chip reader (which is now free for qualified sellers) will give you the latest and greatest in secure payment technologies. The reader accepts both EMV and NFC transactions like Apple Pay (which take just seconds), so you’ll be ready for the liability shift.


Computers, printers, and mobile devices should be making your processes more efficient, so if you have outdated, glitchy equipment that’s slowing you down, or if you can see areas where investing in some new hardware could speed things up, it’s time to invest. For example, if you own a restaurant, a kitchen ticket printer can expedite orders. And if you run a retail store, tablets with the Square Reader can help you cut down on lines at the register by allowing staffers to complete transactions from anywhere in the shop. Browse through Square’s hardware kits tailored toward your specific type of business.

Document storage and sharing

Collaborating on documents and designs is crucial for some small businesses, so if you’re constantly sending large documents and image files back and forth, you could be overwhelming your computer’s storage (and email recipients’ inboxes). If this is the case, cloud storage tools like Google Drive or Dropbox are for you. They provide easy ways to access, store, and share all of your documents, spreadsheets, images, and videos.

Employee management

When you have multiple locations and a large staff, automated timecards can help streamline your payroll process. But beyond that, employee management tools allow you to do so much more, like assess individual performance over time and across locations. For example, with Square’s Employee Management system, you can track each staffer’s tips and sales, allowing you to identify your best and worst performers. You can also see the busiest times of the day based on sales, which can help you figure out how many people you should schedule for each shift.


If you own a salon or spa, the appointment booking process can be a huge source of frustration. Even if you have a full-time receptionist, it’s not always convenient for your clients to call to schedule, cancel, or change an appointment. And if you don’t have a receptionist, well, you know what it’s like to constantly be running to the phone. Automated booking software like Square Appointments eliminates these issues by offering clients 24/7 access to your schedule, so they can add or change appointments when it’s convenient for them. With appointment reminders, you can send client notifications, set a cancellation policy, and apply a fee for no-shows. Here are some ways you can enhance your appointment scheduling

Inventory management

Tracking your inventory is key, especially when you have multiple locations. And since “checking in back” isn’t the most efficient way to locate a product, inventory management software is the way to go. These programs will allow you to manage your inventory via web and mobile apps, and you can also do things like get shipping quotes, track customer history, and more. You can link a number of inventory management tools to your Square account at Square App Marketplace.

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