Glow Up Your Business With Chris Appleton

There's more than one path to becoming a successful business owner. Chris Appleton and Square Ambassador Nikki Ally Rae are two beauty entrepreneurs constantly striving to expand their creativity and constantly glowing up. Watch as they share invaluable insights on how to invest in yourself and your business.
by Square May 31, 2024 — 2 min read
Glow Up Your Business With Chris Appleton

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Built for Beauty

Join celebrity stylist and entrepreneur Chris Appleton, along with Square ambassadors Sofie Pavitt and Nikki Ally Rae, as they share the lessons they’ve learned in their careers and the skills fellow beauty business owners should master to scale their growth.

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Glow Up Your Business With Chris Appleton

The people I admire most in this business are never not glowing up. ”

Chris Appleton celebrity stylist

Chris Appleton knows that there’s no set path or rules to achieving beauty success. But you must visualize your destination. It’s about mapping out your journey, dreaming big, constantly seeking new challenges, and seizing opportunities that steer you in the right direction.

Like Appleton, hair stylist Nikki Ally Rae‘s journey to success was unique. Rae moved from Atlanta to L.A., knowing that growing a business meant building something bigger. 

From her early days behind the chair to managing a salon and selling her own hair products online, Rae never saw herself as a brand. However, she soon realized that the incoming revenue wasn’t just personal spending money; it was an investment in her business and in building a name for herself.

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In the beginning, I viewed all revenue as personal spending money. But when I became a brand, I realized I had to pay myself and reinvest in my business to keep it afloat. ”

Nikki Ally Rae Square Ambassador and hair stylist

The right partner for glowing up

Rae pursued her dream of owning a salon in Beverly Hills, California, and launching her own “Be You Hair” product line. With Trinity Gantt as her business partner and Square as her partner in beauty tech, she adopted Square Reader as her primary tool, upgrading her ability to serve clients with an easy and efficient payment solution.

“Square definitely helped out with boosting our revenue, simplifying everything by putting it all in one place,” said Rae. “I frequently tell my clients and friends that I use Square because of these features.”

Rae recalls how she used to write down each client individually and call them 24 hours before their appointments. She needed a solution that matched the professionalism she had already established for her business while keeping her glowing up, so she adopted Square Appointments to help run all aspects of her business while maintaining the exceptional customer experience she had created.

But for Rae, Square Loans was the real game-changer. It helped her launch her hair extension line and keep her dreams moving forward without slowing down.

Built for Beauty | Nikki Ally Rae on Square Loans

I absolutely love Square Loans. They offer preapproved loans, clearly outlining how much you can borrow, the repayment terms, and a one-time fee. I don’t even have to think about putting money aside or paying off the loan. The loan paid off itself.”

Nikki Ally Rae Square Ambassador and hair stylist


Square is built for glow-ups, funding over 460K businesses with no ongoing interest — just a simple flat fee. Square Loans are tailored to your unique beauty business, with customizable offers and easy, automatic repayment.

Taking your business to the next level isn’t always easy, but as Chris Appleton said, “Our only limitation is what we’re able to dream up.” Let Square help you grow your business and unlock your full business potential.

Square Financial Services, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Block, Inc. All loans and savings accounts are issued by Square Financial Services, Inc., a Utah-Chartered Industrial Bank. All loans are subject to credit approval.
Please note that Chris Appleton was compensated by Square for his participation.

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