Hire, Train and Retain With Chris Appleton

As your team grows, it's wise to focus on creating a community that embraces collaboration. Watch Chris Appleton talk about how he strategically surrounds himself with the right people to feed creativity and sense of purpose, and Square Ambassador Sofie Pavitt on how she runs her business with Square Appointments.
by Square May 31, 2024 — 2 min read
Hire, Train and Retain With Chris Appleton

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Built for Beauty

Join celebrity stylist and entrepreneur Chris Appleton, along with Square ambassadors Sofie Pavitt and Nikki Ally Rae, as they share the lessons they’ve learned in their careers and the skills fellow beauty business owners should master to scale their growth.

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Hire, Train and Retain With Chris Appleton

For me, the secret to success was letting go, inviting people in, and letting my team grow. ”

Chris Appleton celebrity stylist

Chris Appleton’s successful career has been based on all the relationships he’s built — not only with his A-list clients, but also the people who work closely with him.

From his early days in the salon to styling celebrities in L.A., Appleton knew that being good at his craft was only one piece of the puzzle. He needed to build a community, so he established strong relationships with people who shared the same values and got excited about the same goals.

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In the same way my mentors helped me navigate my career, I want to provide that same guidance for others. Everyone is at a different place in their careers, and I want to do everything I can to set them up for success. ”

Chris Appleton celebrity stylist

Set your team up for success 

Appleton knows that he can’t do everything alone — having the right people by his side has opened up many new opportunities. But having a successful team means setting them up with the right technology and ensuring everyone has the tools to thrive.

As a business owner, you can start setting your team up for success by automating tedious administrative tasks with Square. Gain back valuable time with low-stock alerts on inventory, team performance reports, automated customer communications, multi-location management, and more — all so you can free up your staff’s time and focus on the areas of your business that matter most.

The relationships and teams we create just might be the most beautiful part of what we all do. Mastering team building is as important as any other skill you can develop. ”

Chris Appleton celebrity stylist

Square Appointments helps you simplify back-of-house operations so you can dedicate more time to staff mentorship and team growth. From allowing clients to book multiple services with their favorite staff member to assigning flat-rate or tiered commissions to each team member that automatically sync with payroll, Square helps handle the administrative side of running a team so you can focus on hiring, training and retaining the best talent.

Built for Beauty | Sofie Pavitt on Hire, Train, and Retain

Square has been an amazing platform for us as a business. Not only just for myself and my bookings, but for my team.”

Sofie Pavitt Square Ambassador, aesthetician and entrepreneur

At the end of the day, no matter how passionate you are about your craft, it’s essential to foster a sense of community where everyone feels valued and can reach their goals. Let Square take care of staff management so you can master building and growing your team.

Please note that Chris Appleton was compensated by Square for his participation.

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