Create A-List Client Experiences With Chris Appleton

Chris Appleton and Square Ambassador Sofie Pavitt have mastered the art of making deep, lasting connections with their clients. Watch as they share their secrets, so you can give your clients the same celebrity treatment.
by Square May 31, 2024 — 2 min read
Create A-List Client Experiences With Chris Appleton

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Built for Beauty

Join celebrity stylist and entrepreneur Chris Appleton, along with Square ambassadors Sofie Pavitt and Nikki Ally Rae, as they share the lessons they’ve learned in their careers and the skills fellow beauty business owners should master to scale their growth.

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Create A-List Client Experiences With Chris Appleton

Giving a celebrity treatment has nothing to do with my clients being famous. It’s all about the relationship that we’ve built. ”

Chris Appleton celebrity stylist

For Chris Appleton, having a red-carpet clientele with names like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez hasn’t drastically changed him since his early days styling local regulars in the salon. One golden rule has always been crucial: to make people look and feel their best — a standard he believes should be universal across the entire beauty industry.

Aesthetician and entrepreneur Sofie Pavitt follows that same guiding principle. Her career began twenty years ago in the world of fashion design. However, a strong urge for change led her to study aesthetics, where she discovered her true passion: helping clients transform their lives, particularly those struggling with acne and problematic skin. This focus has become not only a professional journey but also a deeply personal commitment to making a real difference.

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Creating a client relationship? It’s not exactly difficult, but it’s not easy either. It’s all about forging a genuine connection with your client. I always say, being an aesthetician is a bit like being a confidant. You meet your client, get to know them over time, and watch their improvement unfold month by month. ”

Sofie Pavitt Square Ambassador, aesthetician and entrepreneur

The secret for A-list experiences

At the beginning of her career, Sofie Pavitt never really saw herself as a brand; she simply opened her studio and offered her services. Now, eight years later, she fully embraces the emphasis she has placed on her name — something that she lives up to every day. 

Pavitt says that the key to offering her clients an A-list experience lies in trust. From the moment they lay down for a treatment, they begin to bond through open conversation. For her, it’s a genuine opportunity to connect, transforming each session into more than just a treatment — it becomes an exchange, a shared experience.

As her client base grew, Square grew alongside her. Utilizing handy features, she simplified client management post-treatment by easily tracking the equipment used and viewing her calendar simultaneously. This saved her time with seamless check-ins, whether booking repeat treatments or scheduling new ones. Plus, she stays on top of her inventory by accessing real-time retail data.

Built for Beauty | Sofie Pavitt on Client Experiences

Square is a simple, user-friendly platform that’s highly customizable to match our brand. For example, when we send newsletters, we can easily make them look uniquely ours — even though they’re powered by Square. ”

Sofie Pavitt Square Ambassador, aesthetician and entrepreneur

How to give your customers an a-list experience

Give your customers the ultimate A-list experience by letting them know when you have something special on offer. According to the Square Future of Customers report, a full 91% of global consumers are interested in hearing from the businesses they frequent: 37% of customers want loyalty program updates or alerts for special promotions, and 63% want businesses to communicate with them via email over all other channels.

Taking advantage of automation tools — like Square Marketing and Square Loyalty— can save you time, improve the customer experience, and help you connect with your clients inside and outside of the salon to ensure you’re consistently showing up and meeting their needs.

Because just like Chris Appleton said, “At the end of the day, you are there to provide a service, and for me, that has always been the secret sauce—it was always about making people look and feel their best.” 

With Square, every client gets the celebrity treatment.

Please note that Chris Appleton was compensated by Square for his participation.

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