8 Pet Grooming Marketing Ideas

8 Pet Grooming Marketing Ideas
Dogs are cherished companions. Here's eight ways you can make your pet grooming business a destination for pet parents to help keep them healthy, happy, and clean.
by Maya Rollings Apr 25, 2024 — 6 min read
8 Pet Grooming Marketing Ideas

Our dogs are part of our family. Keeping them healthy, happy, and clean is a priority for pet owners — and it often costs a pretty penny. In fact, pet owners in the U.S. spent $147 billion on their furry friends alone. And $12.3 billion of that total was spent on services like grooming. With the growth of both the industry and pet ownership, pet grooming businesses are in a unique position to attract new customers and generate more revenue. 

But customers can’t go to a business they don’t know exists. Engaging marketing efforts will always make your business stand out and help make it a go-to destination for your target audience. Here are eight marketing tips for pet grooming businesses.

Give your website a boost.

Your website plays a crucial role in the discoverability of your business. It’s your digital front door. So keeping it up to date with the latest business information, such as operating hours and services, can provide a valuable experience for potential customers. Taking your website to the next level by showcasing current marketing offers and discounts, for instance, can help turn a passive visitor into a new customer. 

Research shows that discounting has a direct impact on engagement and customer conversion. One study found that higher discounts tend to drive more window shoppers, while lower discounts tend to encourage more conversions. Be thoughtful about your discounts and be sure to showcase them where customers can see them. 

For example, if your business is currently running any special offers or expanding into new offerings like branded merchandise or curbside pickup, display this prominently on the homepage of your website, letting customers know as soon as they interact with your business. 

Consider this and other ways you can use your website to make your business more attractive to customers while giving them the information they need.

Square Online has several features to help support an optimal web experience. From design themes to omnichannel features that support customer experience tactics such as buy online, pick up in store, your Square Online site can support all of your business and customer needs.

Let your email and SMS marketing complement one another.

Email and SMS marketing are another great way to market your pet grooming business. They help put special offers and new services directly in front of customers and help drive traffic to your other marketing channels, like your website. The 2024 Square Future of Customers report found that email is the most preferred communication channel by customers, with text messages following closely behind.

But be thoughtful. To avoid spamming customers, be sure to use each marketing channel strategically. For instance, using email marketing to announce new offers at the onset and text message marketing in the final hours of the offer can complement your outreach efforts. Using elements such as images and GIFs also works to make your messaging more engaging and increase your click-through rate (CTR). Square Marketing has templates and automated campaigns for email and SMS marketing to make your efforts easier and more seamless for customers.

Put your gift cards to work.

Gift cards are the perfect gift that customers can buy for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday gift, a Christmas gift, or a ‘just because’ gift, gift cards have undeniable benefits, and selling them at your business can give you a leg up. Because the reality is that pet parents love to buy gifts for their pets.

USA Today reported that 81% of pet parents planned holiday gifts for their animals, and 15% planned to spend as much as $50 to $75. The holidays aren’t the only time pet parents are looking to buy gifts. Other research shows that 41 million American adults planned to shower their dogs with gifts for Valentine’s Day. That number has slightly decreased to 31 million for cat parents. 

Marketing your business gift cards can make it easy for pet parents to put gift cards on their wish list. It can also widen your reach by bringing in revenue from those who don’t own pets but instead want to buy gifts for the pet parents in their lives. Square Gift Cards offers great options for those looking to sell physical and/or digital gift cards. It also comes with a variety of design options to help you showcase your business the way you choose. Once you have gift cards set up for your business, be sure to market them regularly, especially around holidays.

Work smarter, not harder with online booking software.

Marketing a quick and easy way to book pet grooming appointments can also bring in more customers. Online booking software keeps your business open to appointments 24/7, giving customers the opportunity to book at their convenience. There’s also more transparency in online booking when it comes to prices, timing, and services. This allows customers to know any relevant information upfront so they can plan their day and finances ahead of time. It even outlines everything you offer so customers can book multiple appointments and services they previously hadn’t considered, making cross-selling and up-selling easy.

Lean into the power of social media.

Social media is not just a must when it comes to marketing; it’s a revenue generator. Seventy-seven percent of businesses use social media to reach customers, and 76% of social media users have purchased something they saw on social media. Pet-related businesses have a unique advantage in the social media space. Dogs, cats, and other animals have a deep stake in pop culture and all things online (at least according to the New York Times and Buzzfeed), making them the perfect marketing tool. 

Pet service business Wag! leans into this notion head-on on their Instagram profile. By leveraging images of adorable puppies and spot-on memes, this business instantly makes their profile attractive to animal lovers and pet parents alike. When building out your brand’s tone and voice, consider what matters most to your target audience and tailor your messaging to reach customers exactly where they are. 

Reach more customers with diversified revenue streams.

Adding new revenue streams can make your business more attractive to potential customers. The 2024 Square Future of Commerce report found that 40% of customers are very or extremely interested in trying a new type of offering from a business known for something else. For example, Paw La La in Los Angeles is a pet grooming business that offers other services like daycare, boarding, and training. 

Expanding your offerings can have a tangible impact on your revenue and your customer base. In fact, 22% of retail owners cited diversifying their customer base as a driving factor in offering additional revenue streams. Broadening your reach with customers leaves room for different types of marketing efforts, business opportunities, and more. 

Paw La La, for instance, can attract customers with their grooming spa and move customers deeper into their business offerings with training. This provides a holistic and consistent approach to pet care, making it easier for customers to take care of their pet needs in one place. A one-stop shop can encourage deep loyalty and a seamless customer experience. When determining ways you can expand your revenue streams, think of other customer needs your business can tackle and implement a plan. 

Set up a loyalty program that keeps customers coming back.

A loyalty program creates deeper customer engagement and encourages more repeat visits. Loyalty programs are a no-brainer for pet grooming businesses because pets will always need to be groomed. Rewarding customers for continuously using your business to meet their pet needs makes them more likely to frequent your shop.

In fact, customers enrolled in a Square loyalty program spend 53% more and visit 40% more often

With nine types of loyalty programs, you can set up a reward system that allows customers to accumulate points to redeem for a free service or create a program that rewards based on the number of visits. Examine your customer habits and determine which loyalty program type would be the best fit for your business and market its value to customers.

Build community with partnerships.

Partnerships are a great way to embed your business in the community. By partnering with pet-friendly businesses, you create more exposure and more opportunities to attract customers. This type of partnership is often called co-marketing. According to PR Newswire, 71% of consumers enjoy co-branding partnerships. To make the most of a potential partnership, think about the goals you’d like to achieve, as this can impact the businesses you reach out to. 

Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants partnered with Wag! to bring dog walking services to guests at each of its 65 properties across the country. To support the launch of the partnership, the brands gave 1,000 free 20-minute services to guests staying at one of the properties, along with a complimentary month of Wag! premium, and more. The partnership helps solidify Kimpton as the premier destination for those traveling with pets and Wag! as the ideal business to provide dog-walking services no matter where you are.

The two most important elements of co-marketing are value and impact. Kimpton and Wag! partnered together with the goal of reaching traveling pet parents. Think of an audience you’re trying to reach or the market you’re trying to tap into to help guide your partnership. Then, build a short list of potential partners and reach out accordingly.

Whether you decide to tackle a few of these marketing tips or all, be sure to drill down on the impact on customers in your messaging. Don’t forget to make your outreach engaging and follow up with a clear call to action to encourage specific customer behavior.

Maya Rollings
Maya Rollings is an editor at Square where she writes about all things customer experience, from building a solid customer base to leveraging tools and technology that meets them where they are in their journey.


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