The Value of Simplicity and How to Make Your Business Simpler

The Value of Simplicity and How to Make Your Business Simpler
Simplicity: an easy, enjoyable, intuitive experience.
by Square May 03, 2017 — 2 min read
The Value of Simplicity and How to Make Your Business Simpler

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Simplicity: an easy, enjoyable, intuitive experience. Here’s why you should simplify:

Simple pays: 64% of consumers are willing to spend more for simpler experiences.

It excites employees: 62% of employees are considered brand champions for companies perceived to be simple.

It builds customer loyalty: 61% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand because it provides simpler experiences.

Some brands that are champions of simple include tech companies like Amazon, Google, and Netflix and retailers like Aldi and IKEA, according to the Siegel + Gale study. The brands perceived as most complicated include car rental companies like Hertz, Budget, and Avis; insurance sellers like MetLife, Aviva, and AXA; and social networking website LinkedIn.

How can you simplify?

Simplicity is perceived by consumers in their physical environment (a brick-and-mortar storefront), in their interactions with your brand (customer service, an online store, or a written description of a product), and your physical offerings (a product or service). Start simple here:

Streamline your environment.

If you’re a retailer, display a few items and store additional size and color options out of sight. Take Apple as an example: Its stores are built to reflect the brand’s simplicity and minimalist design. Displays encourage customers to try out products and interact with offerings, but products for sale are stored out of view.

Restaurants or coffee shops with menus may also consider posting fewer options. Try offering your eight most popular coffee drinks instead of twenty different options to determine if less is more for your customers.

Think efficiency.

Do your best to make customer-facing processes that require a lot of time or complexity as simple and easy to complete as possible. Even better, improve everyday processes to save customers time.

Amazon’s 1-Click ordering is a great example — it’s eliminated difficulty in online ordering by ensuring that purchasing item requires nothing but a click. Is there an extra step in a process, or a wordy paragraph that can be eliminated? If so, do it. Your customers will thank you.

Clean up your act.

There’s nothing customers dislike more than having to wait in a long checkout line. Square Point of Sale can help you keep your line moving. A mobile reader is a great way to process payments on the go or to bust long lines in your store.

Pare down your marketing.

A survey by the Corporate Executive Board found that consumers crave simplicity and are stickier when confronted with “decision simplicity.” Decision simplicity is measured by the effort it requires for consumers to gather trustworthy information that allows them to weigh their purchase options confidently and efficiently. Translation: When it comes to marketing and educating your customers, less is more.

Don’t forget yourself.

Business ownership can be difficult. Technology designed to integrate all aspects of your business makes it easier for you to work and keep your customers happy. Square’s management software, from Payroll and Employee Management to customer loyalty, allows you to run your operations from one convenient platform.

The Bottom Line is brought to you by a global team of collaborators who believe that anyone should be able to participate and thrive in the economy.


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