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Reward your repeat customers

Square Loyalty's digital rewards program motivates customers to come back again and again.

Customize for your business

Offer stars based on customer visits or amount spent, and customize rewards so it works for you and your customers.

Just use your point of sale

No extra equipment needed—use Square Point of Sale to manage your program, and let customers sign up at checkout.

Measure the results

Square Loyalty integrates with your customer and sales data. Track key metrics and the impact on your bottom line.


Customers sign up seamlessly at checkout.

No need for paper punch cards—customers opt in to your loyalty program at checkout simply by entering their phone number. Square issues stars and rewards automatically.

Reward your customers via text

Customers get text message notifications when they earn a star or reward—an extra reminder to return to your store.

Sync multiple payment types

Whether customers pay by cash or use multiple cards, all their stars and rewards can be linked to the same phone number.

Reward customers your way.

Customize your loyalty program to suit your business. You can offer loyalty stars per visit or amount spent, set a minimum spend amount to earn a star, type of reward, and more.

Simple to manage

Sign in to your Square Dashboard, set program preferences, and choose to run your program at all or some of your locations. Loyalty stars and rewards are tracked automatically.

Redeem rewards in a snap

Simply enter a customer’s phone number into Square Point of Sale to see their current rewards. Then simply ring up the reward they’ve earned.

Get to know your customers.

Pull up everything you know about customers just by entering their phone number—right at your point of sale.

Dig a little deeper

See exactly who your most loyal customers are and which products are bringing them back.

Edit stars earned

You can easily adjust your customers’ stars and rewards in their personal profile. Or set employee permissions and allow your staff to make changes.

See results in your Square Dashboard.

Your Square Dashboard tracks program performance; sign in to monitor customer enrollment, compare rewards issued against those redeemed, and more.

Customers in loyalty programs return twice as often.


Per month per location

  • Digital rewards program
  • Customizable rewards and settings
  • Sign-up integrated into the point of sale
  • Stars and rewards issued automatically
  • Rewards easily redeemed at the point of sale
  • Track participation, redemption, and sales data
Try it Free for 30 Days
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