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One service for all your daily operations.

Payments are just the start.

Square helps take care of the day-to-day stuff, too. From point of sale to payroll, we have all kinds of services to help you save time and run more smoothly.

Customize your counter.

Create the perfect point of sale for your business. Order your Square Stand and get all the accessories you need to save time and speed up your line.

Power your point of sale.

Run the Square app on a smartphone when you’re on the go or on a tablet at the counter. Get set up quickly, create and edit items easily, and track sales and inventory automatically. It’s simple, intuitive, and free to download.

Square makes it all possible because of the way they integrate everything.

Woody, Los Angeles, CA

Manage your people, places, and payroll.

Have a few stores to mind? Manage them all with your single Square account and track your sales by location or employee. If you’re in California, Texas, or Florida pay your employees with just a few clicks more.

Let customers book appointments while you do more with integrated apps.

Sign up for Square Appointments and let clients book services at your business online. And for whatever Square can’t do, our partner apps can. From accounting services like QuickBooks and Xero to inventory management tools like Stitch Labs, Square syncs with apps for your every need.

I feel like the Square representatives really understand my issue and really care about helping me resolve it—but also about taking my feedback to continue to improve their tools.

Melanie, Pasadena, CA

Let us know how we can help.

We’re here, we have phones, and we love helping our sellers. Whether it’s walking through your first payment, switching from an old POS, or setting up a new location, we’re standing by to help you succeed with Square.

Start running your business with Square today.

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