How to Spot Your Superstar Employees (And Your Underperformers)

How to Spot Your Superstar Employees (And Your Underperformers)
How do you spot your superstars and underperformers? The answer is data.
by Square Jul 17, 2015 — 2 min read
How to Spot Your Superstar Employees (And Your Underperformers)

Whether you have one location or twenty, managing employees takes up a significant chunk of time. To keep your best people around, you need to find ways to keep them motivated. And to make sure business is running smoothly, you need to quickly address any concerns with employees who might be falling short.

But the first step is to identify who’s knocking it out of the park and who may need a leveling with. You can get a sense of this from just being at your business — observing how proficient your employees are at their job, as well as how they engage with your customers and the rest of your staff. But if you have multiple locations, this can get tough (without going all baby-cam on the situation). So how do you spot your superstars and underperformers? The answer is data.

Luckily, Square Employee Management provides a wealth of information that can help you figure out who’s absolutely killing it and who isn’t pulling their weight. Here are some data points in employee management that can help you assess people’s performance:

Revenue per labor hour

Who’s bringing in the most sales during their shifts? Who is dragging? Revenue per labor hour, a key metric in Employee Management, can help you identify which employees are the most efficient and effective, and who might need a little more coaching.

Tip volume

Tips are a pretty clear indicator as to how satisfied your customers are. Employee Management lets you see how many tips each of your employees pulled in on their shifts, so you can quickly spot who did a great job that day (or week, or month). Good tips usually mean happy customers.

Punch in and punch out time

A dog ate their bus pass. A pipe burst. Comcast was late. Once or twice, you can let that slide, but repeat tardiness is cause for concern. Employees clock in and out directly at the register when they start their shift — which means you can see exactly when they got to work and when they left.

Sales reports

Not only can you see revenue per labor hour, you can also see all your employee sales side by side. The possibilities are endless when you can view and pull by any combination of employees and locations. So if one of your employees rung up a ton of business in June, you can see that at a glance (bonus, anyone?). You can also see which locations might be outperforming others — so you know where your A team is.

Square Employee Management takes the guesswork out of how your employees are performing, especially if you don’t have time to be at all your locations. All this data will help you assess your workforce and decide who you can trust with higher permission levels in the system (which is easily adjustable in Employee Management). It’ll also help you reward the right people for a job well done.

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