Top Management Techniques and Strategies for Managers

Top Management Techniques and Strategies for Managers
Effective management techniques including how to manage people, tips for new managers, and helpful tips for managers of all levels to boost productivity.
by Square Oct 29, 2021 — 7 min read
Top Management Techniques and Strategies for Managers

What are Management Techniques?

Being a great boss means helping to boost employee productivity and job satisfaction through effective management. Good management techniques involve creating a supportive atmosphere where employees have autonomy and are motivated to excel. We’ve all had bad managers. Ineffective managers might micromanage, be overly controlling, focusing too much on details and what hasn’t gone right, or fostering poor work/life balance.

Whether you want to hear it or not, employee productivity starts with good management. According to the Bureau of National Affairs, U.S. businesses lose $11 billion a year to employee turnover, often resulting from disenchanted workers. The good news is that there are simple things you can do as a small business owner to manage your employees more effectively to keep your team motivated and productive.

In this article we’ll cover effective management techniques, as well as management techniques for new managers, management techniques to improve productivity, and management techniques to motivate employees.

Top management techniques





Management Styles

What are management styles and how do they differ? The consulting firm Hay-McBer identified six different management styles which were popularized in Daniel Goleman’s best selling book Emotional Intelligence. Their research states that the most effective leaders use four management styles, typically in combination. Some styles are more productive than others depending on the situation. We’ll go through each in turn:

Most effective management styles




Least effective management styles


Top management techniques for new managers

If you’re haven’t managed people before, you might feel overwhelmed and uncertain how to lead. Here are some top management techniques for new managers.



Top management techniques to improve productivity

As a manager you want your employees to be productive and efficient, using their time effectively. Of course you want to be as productive as possible too, which can be hard with the various responsibilities you’ve got competing for your attention. These management techniques will help improve your productivity so your business can run more smoothly.



Top management techniques to motivate employees

Motivated employees take more pride in their work and are more likely to stick around. The TINYpulse study discovered that the two top reasons employees feel motivated to excel and go the extra mile at work, are “camaraderie, peer motivation” and an “intrinsic desire to do a good job”. That means creating a friendly, supportive work environment where people feel valued can go a long way to motivate employees. Here are some other management techniques for motivating your staff.



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