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Processing pricing couldn’t be more straightforward.

Here it is: Swipe, dip, or tap? 2.6% + 10¢. Taking payments over the phone? 3.5% + 15¢. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t have any hidden fees, contracts that lock you in, or other secret charges.

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“Square opens up a lot of doors and opportunities for small makers with lots of potential with simple fees and easy-to-use products.”

Jessica, Son of a Sailor

Features that continue to develop.

The exciting thing is, we’re just getting started. We regularly release new tools that work with the free Square app, so you can manage and run your business more efficiently than ever before.

“Square continues to make improvements and add features I didn’t even know I needed until I used them.”

Casey, BANG Salon

Square in the news.


“There are no additional activation costs, recurring charges, early termination penalties or hidden fees.”

The Next Web

“This continues Square’s path towards becoming a one-stop shop for businesses. It recently introduced inventory tracking with support for Stitch Labs inventory system, Square Capital, a small business financing system, and an update to the Square Dashboard.”


“With the new policy, though, the field is leveled for all Square merchants—they get paid at the same time no matter how they manage the transaction.”


“Funds from swiped and non-swiped payments will arrive in Square customers’ bank accounts within two business days.”

SC Magazine

“Square encrypts the track data at the reader, and it can’t be decrypted by the device it is attached to. This means that there is no way to steal the track data.”


“Square’s new reader brings ‘heightened’ benefits of data protection and security.”

Consistently fast transfers.

We work really hard to get you your money quickly. Funds from payments are transferred to your bank account within one to two business days.

“With Square, customers swipe their credit card, and I get paid by direct transfer the next business day. I’m a truly mobile business.”

Ben, GreenKeys Locksmith

We’re serious about security.

We encrypt a transaction the moment it’s received, and it’s encrypted on our servers regardless of where it takes place—even on a public network. Square is PCI compliant and doesn’t store credit card data on your mobile device after a payment is processed.

Exceptional phone support, at the ready.

We’re standing by to help you run and grow your business with Square. Square customers can get in touch with our Support team by phone, email, or Twitter. Get instant answers 24/7 in our Support Center with extensive articles, videos, and tips.

“Any issue I’ve had was resolved very quickly. You actually talk to a real person and they are extremely knowledgeable.”

Melanie, Lavender & Honey

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