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About The Art of Donut

With lines out the door, The Art of Donut may have found the secret to crafting some of the best donuts in San Antonio. What started as a food truck in 2016 has turned into a local hotspot. The Art of Donut offers handcrafted delicacies that are made fresh daily to satisfy any craving their customers may have.

With Square, Miguel and Andrea can spend more time creating and less time solving the challenges of employee relationship management.

“Square has been growing with us, and every time that we need a new feature, it’s there. It’s really nice to have everything in one, and we don’t have to be going back and forth with different apps.”

— Andrea Aguirre
Co-Founder, The Art of Donut

Keep employee relationship management simple

Most bakery owners opened their business to do what they love — bake. However, when it comes to scheduling shifts, training new employees, and running payroll, management tasks can become overwhelming and reduce overall operational efficiency. Miguel and Andrea knew that they needed a way to reduce the challenges of managing the day-to-day tasks. They turned to Square for the perfect solution.

Miguel and Andrea can keep track of their employees’ information and schedule shifts from a single employee management system. Square Team Management lets them create and publish weekly schedules to the Square Team App on their employees’ phones. Team members can clock in and out right from the POS, making their timecards and weekly schedules easily accessible when it’s time to run payroll.

“Everything syncs with timecards and Square Payroll. So I can actually do payroll with just one click, without going through each individual timecard.”

— Miguel Aja
Co-Founder, The Art of Donut

With all their employee timecards and tax information in one place, Square Payroll lets Miguel and Andrea pay their employees with the simple tap of a button. There’s no longer a need to sit down at a desk to sort through hours of payroll spreadsheets. As co-founders, they’re able to manage the business, approve timecards, and submit payroll directly from their phones with just a few taps.

Make more informed decisions with data

Part of what makes The Art of Donut so loved by customers is its commitment to innovation. Miguel and Andrea come up with new donut flavors constantly, introducing seasonal ingredients and offering custom creations.

Square Analytics makes it easy for Miguel and Andrea to monitor their sales and see the impact of those menu changes. They can introduce new flavors or DIY kits and immediately see what works for their customer base. They sell out of donuts every day, but they can look at historical sales in their Square Dashboard to plan how many donuts they should produce to meet growing demand.

“Reports from Square are really important for us. We track our everyday sales, monthly sales, and annual sales. And whenever we have a new donut, we can check if it’s selling or if it’s not selling.”

— Andrea Aguirre
Co-Founder, The Art of Donut

Organize incoming orders across multiple sales channels

As The Art of Donut grew, Miguel and Andrea knew they had to find new ways to meet the ordering needs of their customer base. In addition to taking in-person orders at the shop, they began to offer online ordering with Square Online to manage the morning rush.

Miguel and Andrea use Square Online and Square Point of Sale to keep all of their sales synced. With Square Online, their customers can place an order online for curbside pickup. When the customer arrives The Art of Donut receives a notification directly on their POS that tells them exactly which order to run out.

“If the customer chooses curbside, it’s amazing because they can write down where exactly they’re parked, and that’s really, really timesaving for us.”

— Andrea Aguirre
Co-Founder, The Art of Donut

As if they didn’t have enough orders coming in online, over the phone, and in person, The Art of Donut also offers custom orders for special occasions. Square Invoices lets them request payments online and track the status in real time. The customer can double-check that the order is correct and can pay quickly from anywhere.

As their business continues to grow rapidly, Miguel and Andrea have all the business solutions they need in their Square POS so they can continue to bring San Antonio amazing new donuts.

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