How Graze on Main creates a seamless in-person and online experience

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About Graze on Main

At Graze on Main in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, Geza Tanner and Elyse Paré have created a local hotspot for charcuterie boards. They started by creating their own charcuterie boards at home and sharing them on social media. Their friends kept asking the same question: “Where are you getting that charcuterie board from?”

Soon they were selling over 40 to-go charcuterie boards an hour at local pop-up markets. That’s when they knew it was time to find a commercial space.

After they opened their own shop, Geza and Elyse needed a system to let customers customize their charcuterie boards and to keep track of orders. They used Square Point of Sale and Square Online to stay organized and deliver a seamless in-person and online customer experience.

“Prior to opening, we were doing a lot of stuff manually. Getting Square in here has just been crucial in making our jobs so much easier.”

— Elyse Paré
Co-Founder, Graze on Main

Finding a better way to accept, track, and complete online orders

Before they opened their brick-and-mortar shop, Geza and Elyse organized orders manually. But the more they grew, the more they needed a system that would help them manage their payments and orders.

“We knew right away that we needed to have a solution that was going to make our jobs easier so we could focus more on the creative aspect of Graze and all that we wanted to come to life.”

— Elyse Paré
Co-Founder, Graze on Main

They started to use Square when they opened their Main Street location. Square Point of Sale and Square Online integrate so they can keep track of inventory and see how many orders have come in.

Due to popular demand Graze on Main began to offer custom orders for private parties and events. They use Square Invoices to manage and bill for these more complicated orders, and every order syncs with their POS system automatically.

Delivering a seamless in-person and online customer experience

From the beginning customization was a key part of Graze on Main. Geza and Elyse wanted to give customers the option to choose exactly what they wanted from a list of carefully curated meats and cheeses, sourced from all over the world. To handle the volume of daily orders, they needed a way to make sure they could get every order right.

Geza and Elyse built a Square Online website so their customers could preorder charcuterie boards online and pick them up in the shop. Customers choose what size they want, select their meats and cheeses, and pay online, which makes pickup a breeze.

“We may physically assemble it for them, but it’s their creation … It’s just an easier solution for our customers.”

— Elyse Paré
Co-Founder, Graze on Main

When customers pick up their charcuterie boards and want to grab a bottle of wine, Geza and Elyse can check them out easily with their Square Point of Sale. Their POS system saves customers’ purchases to their profiles so they can see which customers buy which products — and which products are selling best.

Managing and tracking business growth

With so many different items in their POS, Geza and Elyse need to know that their store inventory is accurate and that all items are available before they make a sale.

With Square, they can track sales in real time and check inventory right on their phones. They can see what sells the most and get low-stock alerts so they always know when to restock items. Square lets them manage all sides of their business in one place so they can focus on what they do best: creating amazing charcuterie boards.

“Without Square, I think we’d need a full administrative person — maybe two — to handle the ordering, the inventory, and track products for us and then do the sales tax.”

— Elyse Paré
Co-Founder, Graze on Main

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