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Tips for Training Your Employees on Square

Editorial Team

Make sure your employees have all the information they need to successfully accept Square payments, even if you’re not there.

Accept chip cards and Apple Pay everywhere.

Order the Square contactless and chip reader.

  • Give your team resources to troubleshoot payments and make sure they know to consult the Square Support Center if they encounter any issues while you’re not there. Print out these payment troubleshooting tips to leave by the cash register at your business.

  • If you already have a start of shift or weekly meeting with your team, include a Square tip of the week to keep your employees educated. You can use tips from the Seller Community.

  • If you’re managing appointments with Square Appointments, train your staff on navigating their Appointments profile.

Learn more about Square basics for employers and employees in our Support Center or log in to your Square Dashboard to schedule time to speak with a Square Business Services Representative.

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