Manage Your Supply and Inventory with Stock Alerts

Square’s point of sale has stock alerts help you better manage supply and inventory.

Stock Alerts

Square Point of Sale’s inventory tracking feature gives sellers a free way to manage their stock for online and in-person sales. Whether you’re opening a bar, starting a restaurant, or opening a retail store, you need an efficent inventory process to manage your SKUs. Now we’ve added more options to simplify inventory operations with stock alerts, stock report downloads, and bulk item import.

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Here are three new Square Inventory features to help streamline your inventory management:

  1. Enable stock alerts to keep track of items that fall near or below a threshold you set. Receive alerts either in your dashboard or via email, whether you’re behind the counter or on the go.
  2. Export stock levels and download your reports to a printable spreadsheet at any time.
  3. Import and update your inventory quantities in bulk. Download a full report of your inventory list and make changes from anywhere.

Learn more about these additions to Square’s powerful Register service here.