Essential Invoicing and Appointments Tools for Wedding Vendors

Essential Invoicing and Appointments Tools for Wedding Vendors
The best invoicing and appointments solutions for wedding florists, hair and makeup stylists, and photographers.
by Square Aug 11, 2016 — 2 min read
Essential Invoicing and Appointments Tools for Wedding Vendors

Whether you’re a florist, tailor, stylist, or photographer who works the wedding circuit, you know you need to be on top of your game. There’s a ton to organize and manage—the least of which are clients who want everything just-so for their special day.

That’s why it’s extremely important to have the tools and workflow systems in place to make sure wedding season is as seamless as possible for both you and your clients.

Here are a few Square tools that can help:

Square Appointments

Wedding season is likely crazy for you. And wedding planning is likely crazy for your clients. To make the managing and scheduling of all those consultations and check-ins easier for everyone, you’ll need to implement an online appointments system.

Square Appointments and its accompanying app will help you manage your calendar from anywhere, and provide an easy way for clients to book with you online. What’s more, the system can send out automatic appointments reminders via text or email, which helps cut down on all that phone and email back-and-forth (and on no-show appointments).

“Every one of my brides has said they are so thankful for the reminders,” says Krista Gorrel, owner of Teton Tailoring and Haberdashery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. “Brides are so busy and managing so many different things. We are all working to help them get to their wedding day and the automatic reminders are like little cheerleaders on the sideline helping them get to the goal line.”

Online Invoicing Software

If you want to get paid quickly (and on time), ditch the checks system and instead implement online invoicing software. Square Invoices lets you send professional-looking invoices straight to your clients’ email inboxes, where they can pay you with just a click. Mobile invoicing is another way to easily bill your clients from your phone and comes with many added benefits for your business. You can send invoices from your desktop computer or your free mobile invoicing app (which is especially helpful when you’re on-location). Square Invoices also stores and sorts all of your invoices in your Dashboard, so you can quickly see what’s been paid and what’s still outstanding.

Scheduled Invoices

In many cases, it makes sense for wedding vendors to send a series of invoices for certain amounts. For example, you may require a deposit, payment for part of your services 30 days out from the wedding, and a final invoice after the event. The Scheduled Invoices feature in Square Invoices makes it easy to create and schedule payment requests on the dates that make the most sense for your business.

Recurring Invoices

Square Invoices also has a Recurring Invoices feature, which allows you to send and collect payments for the same amount at regular intervals. Recurring invoices is particularly useful if you’re a vendor (like a planner, for example) who wants to be paid in regular installments across a set period of time.

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