9 AI Tools Business Owners Should Consider Using

9 AI Tools Business Owners Should Consider Using
Optimize your business by using an AI tools for marketing, writing, reporting and more. Here are nine tools to try.
by Nina Godlewski Nov 13, 2023 — 3 min read
9 AI Tools Business Owners Should Consider Using


In the constantly evolving tech world, new artificial intelligence tools are flooding the market to fit the needs of businesses looking to optimize their workflows. In a recent survey from McKinsey, 40% of respondents said their organizations will increase their investment in AI. So if you haven’t already, it might be time to start considering some AI tools and how they could help your business. 

There are AI tools for reporting, automation, marketing, writing, visual assets, and so much more. For any business need you have, there’s probably an AI tool out there to help. Below are nine tools you can check out and see if they might help improve your workflow or business outcomes. Remember, with any AI tool, you should follow best practices and use it responsibly. 

9 AI tools to try

1. StoreYa Traffic Booster

This is an ad tool, but it helps boost traffic to your website and thus helps with more sales. The AI behind StoreYa Traffic Booster can help you create marketing campaigns and optimize them to get the most traffic possible on Google, Facebook, and Instagram using their algorithm. 

2. Manage My Business

The Manage My Business app’s name is pretty self explanatory. You can use it to boost your sales and profits by implementing AI-driven insights like pricing analysis, product trends, and sales forecasting into your business strategy.

3. Cloutly

Cloutly can help you cut through the noise of crowded inboxes to gather reviews from customers and engage with them in a human way using AI. Use it to create multistep review campaigns on the channels of your choice and highlight those reviews to help boost sales. 

Research from BrightLocal shows that 98% of people read reviews online for local businesses. So you want to make sure you’ve got reviews for potential customers to read and that they’re good ones. 

4. KaizenPrice

Ensuring that your prices are competitive can be difficult, especially with macroeconomic changes playing a role. One way to feel good about the prices you set is to use a smart pricing recommendation tool like KaizenPrice. The AI behind their pricing tool uses machine learning algorithms to combine your own data with external factors like macroeconomic trends and even weather to make the best pricing recommendations possible.

5. Lineup.ai

Lineup.ai is a software for restaurant businesses looking to make estimating and demand planning a breeze. It integrates with Square so you can leverage your real-time and historical restaurant data to get the most accurate sales predictions and more.

6. Square marketing AI

If you’re already a Square user, you might have access to new AI tools that can assist in your marketing efforts and beyond. The tools can generate copy for all marketing campaigns, including email, and can even suggest replies to customers if you use Square Messages. Whether you need an email subject line, website copy, or item descriptions, you can use the new AI features from Square to generate them. No new service or app is required.

7. REACH.ai

For those business owners in the beauty and wellness industry, the platform REACH.ai can help with optimizing customer communication. The app can help with filling appointments, last-minute cancellations, and slow business times by automating texts to customers who are overdue for a visit. The AI behind REACH.ai uses booking trends and data to reach out to the right customers at the right time, boosting your revenue.

8. Syft Analytics

Sifting through all of the financial data about your business can be a never-ending task. So Syft can help you do so and offer insights into product trends, performance, and industry benchmarking in beautiful visualizations for users. The platform offers Syft AI commentary to help customers personalize their data reports from scratch or use templates. 

9. Incentivio

For restaurant owners looking to level-up their customer journey, the AI behind Incentivio could be very useful. The platform can help users predict churn, create automated campaigns, and even ensure that the right customers are seeing the right upsells and promotions to keep their business with your restaurant.

Using AI responsibly

The tools listed above can help you run your business more efficiently and automate your work. But remember that they are simply tools to help you do your work better, not a replacement for you. So use the outcomes as a jumping-off point and keep a critical eye on the results you get.

Nina Godlewski
Nina Godlewski is an editor at Square covering all things technology and using storytelling to help businesses succeed and grow.


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